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Calming Signals – The Doggy Dictionary Handout

Ceri and Lolo communicating

Dogs Communicate Just Like You and Me

Frenchie and Collie using calming signals to communicate

For species who live in packs, it´s important to be able to use calming signals or even communicate with their own kind: this is in order to cooperate when they hunt, to bring up their offspring and perhaps most importantly, to live in peace with each other. Conflicts are extremely dangerous – they can cause physical injuries and this weakens the group members, something that no pack can afford as it can lead to its ultimate destruction.

It’s All About Feeling Safe

Allow the dogs to use their language in meeting situations so that they feel safe. Sometimes they will walk up to each other and get along, other times they feel that it´s safer to stay at a distance after all, they have already read each other´s signals: they do so even at a several hundred metres’ distance – there’s no need to meet face to face.

Lab pub and Fluffy communicatingCommon easy-to-spot calming signals:

  • Yawning
  • Lip licking
  • Turning away
  • Play Bow
  • Sniffing the ground
  • Walking slowly
  • Freezing
  • Sitting down and lifting one paw
  • Walking in a curve towards another dog

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Dogs communicating

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