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Nant Mill Circular Walk

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Nant Mill signpost

This month, we take you on a circular walk starting at Nant Mill and passing through Aberoer, Bronwylfa and Hafod-Wen.

You can park at Nant Mill, Coedpoeth, grid ref. 289501. This is a public car park and picnic site (always open) with a small shop and visitor centre (open Easter to September daily, 10.30am-4.30pm; October to Easter weekends only). Due to coronavirus restrictions, please check that these opening hours are still valid.

Nant Mill walk map

Public Transport: Arriva or George Edwards’: go through Coedpoeth village where walkers should alight and walk down Park Road and Nant Road to Nant Mill (approximately one mile).

Please note that you can connect with last month’s walk around the Rhosllanerchugog Mountain Reservoirs to add 5.5 miles to this one. You’ll need to download both maps and do a little preparation to make sure you don’t get lost!

Here are the links for the two maps: Rhos Mountain Reservoir and Nant Mill-Bronwylfa-Nant Mill


Our walks follow public footpaths as indicated on OS maps wherever possible.

You must read, understand and accept our disclaimer before you attempt any of our walks.

Hemlock Trees

Starting at Nant Mill, pass the visitor centre, walk up the lane to Bersham Road and turn right. Nant Bridge is 75 metres down the hill – cross the bridge and walk up the road past well-stocked woodlands. At the top of the hill, turn right into a small triangle of woodland. Keep to the straight path passing western hemlock trees on your right.

Nant Mill waterfall

Cross the road and walk up the farm track to Plas Buckley Farm (grid reference: SJ291494), pass all the buildings, then bear right following the waymarked route through the gates to the farm lane.

Just after the stream, go through the gate into the field on the right and walk diagonally across to the far corner keeping the pylons to your left. There is a stile here partially concealed by the hedgerow. Perhaps the only point of interest in this field is the view of five different designs of pylon taking power through Legacy Electricity Sub-Station!

Bronwylfa Hall

From here, the path stays alongside the hedge on your right until you reach a stile at the roadside. Cross the road and take the route over the stile slightly to your right. The path leads straight across two fields to the left of the house, cross the stile on your right onto the road.

Turn left. After 130 metres, your route continues over a stile on the right at the point where the road bends round to the left. Head for the field gate more or less straight across the field. You’ll see a stile alongside.

Nant Mill

Follow the path across the next field to the hedge and go through two metal kissing-gates. Between the two gates, you’ll catch a glimpse of Bronwylfa Hall over to the right.

At the roadside, you’ll see two lanes to your right. Choose the slightly wider left fork – stone bridge parapets are visible a few metres along (check your map to ensure you’re going the right way).

Go over the bridge, pass the driveway to Bronwylfa Hall. In about 30 metres, before reaching another driveway, you’ll find the beginning of a fascinating footpath on your right. It leads you through a tunnel (mind your head!) and around the lower part of the Bronwylfa gardens.

Stop at this point!

At this point, you need to check your maps as you’re currently at the connection point to the walk we featured last week (see the note about this at the beginning of the article).

Nant Mill

The path is public, but the grounds are private do not stray from the waymarked route!

Cae Glas

Cross the concrete bridge and climb to a stile. Go straight across the field to the stile by the road. Take the path opposite to reach a stile below the farm known as Cae Glas (grid reference: SJ276487) and proceed alongside the hedge until you reach a stile with a boardwalk on the left. Cross this stile and then turn right, heading around the field edge for 20 metres to the next stile by the water trough. Once over this stile, head only slightly left of straight, across an open field to the far corner, passing a protruding field corner on your left.


Now, follow the path over two more stiles to the road. Lapwings are frequently seen on these fields in spring. Tan-y-Rhiw (grid reference: SJ281490) is on your right. Go straight across the next three fields and turn left at the end of the third field following the field boundary to find the next stile. Once over this stile, you should turn left and follow the edge across another two stiles.

Nant Mill

Hafod-Wen Farm

After the second stile, you should bear left heading to the left of Hafod-Wen Farm (grid reference: SJ279498). Once past the farm, head to the right of the two seven-bar metal farm gates to a stile taking you onto the lane. Turn right onto the lane and follow it round to the T-junction.

Turn right at the junction, follow the road around to the left and go over the stile on the left by the farm gate.

Nant Mill

Cut across the first loop of the field and then follow the field boundaries on your left alongside the beech wood, part of The Woodland Trust’s Nant Mill Wood. The stile is tucked away in the bottom left corner of the field. Once over it, keep following the hedge line over two more stiles. In the third field, slightly left of straight ahead, there are some old ruins in the trees.

Churn Mill

Stay just to the right of them and at the rear, you will find an old track. Go right along this path to reach a stile. Follow the metalled lane down the hill past the site of the Churn Mill to the ford. Both dippers and grey wagtails frequent the river in this area. Across the footbridge is Nant Mill car park.

Further information about the landmarks is available on the council’s website. Many thanks to Wrexham County Borough Council for supplying us with this walk.

We hope you enjoyed our circular walk from Nant Mill and around the Bronwylfa Gardens. Please find our other walks here.

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