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Come On, Knock Your Garden into Shape!

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Father and son gardening

With all that time on your hands and the fine weather we’ve been having, I’m afraid there’s simply no reason to keep putting off those jobs you know need doing in the garden!

Here are some ideas to knock your garden into shape!:

Get your children involved

Little girl gardening - Come On, Knock Your Garden into Shape!

Start off a little project for them concerning planting bulbs or seeds. If you want to be a bit more adventurous, give them a hand creating a vegetable patch!

Tackle those weeds

Buy some weedkiller, one or several different kinds of weeding tools and get stuck into those flower beds and lawns. It’s a slow process, but will be worth it when you’re finished and can see how good everything looks without those dandelions and thistles!

Treat that lawn

After you’ve finished the above, you may feel you need to do something about the bare patches on your lawn. Make sure you sow the seed evenly and respect the dosage instructions on the packet. Water if necessary afterwards and mow as soon as you start to see the new grass sprouting.

Plant some new flowers


This is so easy and just requires a packet of seeds and a watering can so you’ve no excuse. Sunflowers, marigolds, sweet peas and pansies are among the easiest and most rewarding ones to start off with. Take it one step further: buy yourself an empty hanging basket, a bag of compost and create some real works of art!

Build a rockery

Make sure the area you choose is in an area of maximum light and away from the shade of trees, walls or fences. Use local rocks if you can to keep the look as natural as possible. You can use building rubble for the base if necessary as this will not be visible. It will provide good drainage and support. Make sure the ground you choose is free of weeds as this can destabilise the rockery over time. Make sure to place a layer of porous fabric over the base to maintain the stability and prevent any weeds that might have survived from poking through. Start with the largest rocks and aim for a kind of peak shape. When you’ve created that basic form, start to use your imagination and rework the top part of the rockery to your taste. Aubretia, Aster Alpinus and Phlox Subulata are great as basic rockery plant choices.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed “Come On, Knock Your Garden Into Shape!”. For more gardening-related articles, click here.

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