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Five Alternative Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day

by Love Wrexham Magazine
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How to make Valentine’s Day into something special, whether you are feeling the love or not! As we head into February, the great festival of love that is Saint Valentine’s Day is hard to avoid. Those who are true romantics at heart have an opportunity to celebrate. For many others, however, the very idea of it is nothing short of a nightmare. Those who are not feeling the love (or even those who are) can find here some alternative ideas to make Valentine’s Day matter.

1. Plant a tree

Plant a tree - valentine's day

You don’t have to be a star-crossed lover to appreciate the importance of taking actions to protect our fragile planet. A practical and straightforward way to demonstrate your love for the environment around us is to plant a tree on Valentine’s Day. It can be done as an individual or indeed by partners as a celebration of their love together and their shared love of the natural world. The National Trust and The Woodland Trust, among others, run various tree planting events across the UK with many happening on or around Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, if you have a big enough garden, why not plant a tree at home?

Lady meditating2. Have some personal time

Sweet romance is all well and good, but loving oneself is just as important. Whether or not you happen to be single this Valentine’s Day, why not take some time out to get back in touch with yourself? Whether you opt for a spa weekend, some time with nature or even a wellbeing retreat, forget about everybody else and enjoy some alone time with the person that matters the most – you.

Shakespeare play - valentine's day

3. Enjoy some Shakespeare

Even if you are not a fan of Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy the master of romance himself. And if passion really isn’t your thing, you can always call it tragedy! If you love literature or drama, make time to appreciate some Shakespeare, be it on paper, on-screen or even on-stage. It is an experience that individuals and couples can enjoy on many different levels.

4. Support wildlife


With our wildlife facing a more significant threat than ever before, sponsoring an endangered animal through an organisation such as the World Wildlife Fund is a great way to celebrate what love means by helping to fund vital conservation efforts. Not only will you be helping to make the world a better place, you’ll also receive beautiful updates to treasure long into the future.

5. Volunteer

For many couples, a romantic meal is the highlight of Valentine’s Day, but what about sacrificing that evening out to help others less fortunate than you? Whether you are single or in a relationship, volunteering for a day with people who can benefit from your help can be a tremendously rewarding experience.

Article and images kindly provided by J. Allan Longshadow, wordworx

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