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Nine of the Best… Online Course Websites

by Love Wrexham Magazine
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Here are a few heavyweight educational online course websites that can help you gain a new skill or upgrade your knowledge in any area. Moreover, they offer thousands of online courses from the very best instructors and often work in conjunction with the most prestigious educational establishments in the world.

Firstly, Udemy is a marketplace for teaching and learning, connecting millions of students to the skills they need to succeed. It claims to have the world’s largest selection of courses with over 100,000 online video courses to choose from. Their main categories include business, design, photography, marketing, IT and software, and personal development. You can study any topic, any time from £13.99 each.

Secondly, Skillshare is a creative-arts learning platform offering personalised, on-demand learning in design, photography and illustration. They have two- month free offers and also feature courses in lifestyle, photo and film, business, and writing.

CreativeLive specialises in the creative side of things as well. They offer courses from authors, innovators, fashion photographers and, especially, lifestyle entrepreneurs. Mel Robbins and Vannessa Van Edwards are two great examples of these. These two experts in the field will enable you to ‘break the habit of self-doubt’ and ‘master your people skills’.

ipassio lets you learn and sharpen your hobbies online directly from world-class teachers – it’s live and structured. You can choose from a wide range of courses such as musical instruments, singing, the creative arts, dance and languages.


Domestika is another site that specialises in creative courses. You can learn from expert professionals and join the largest online community for creatives. Courses offered include traditional and digital art, content creation and editing for Instagram. Broader categories are illustration, marketing and business, photography and video, design, 3D and animation, craft, architecture and spaces, calligraphy and typography, and technology.

Coursera are linked to over 200 leading universities and invite you to learn the latest skills like business analytics, graphic design, Python and more. Moreover, you can prepare yourself for a career in high-demand fields like IT, AI and cloud engineering. They offer streaming on-demand video lectures from top instructors in business, computer science, data science, language learning and more. One of their main features is that you can study for an online MBA at a reasonable price.

edX offers free online courses by Harvard, MIT, & more! You can access 2,000 free online courses from 140 leading institutions worldwide. As something a little out of the ordinary, they offer courses in natural science, engineering and humanities as well as computer science, language, data science, and business and management.

Creativebug provides thousands of award-winning video lessons taught by top designers and artists. From art camps to fashion, crochet to jewellery, there is everything creative that you need.

FutureLearn is run by The Open University and SEEK Ltd. It is a massive open online learning platform, and, as of May 2018, included 143 UK and international partners, including non-university members. They offer an incredibly diverse portfolio of courses including; Getting Started With Python, HR Fundamentals, Teaching For Success, and Anxiety In Young Children During Covid-19.

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