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New Book to Help Rescue Dog Charities

Karen Boyce Rescue Dog Rehoming

Our regular contributor, Karen Boyce of Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Services (BTPDS) is celebrating the launch of a new book aimed at owners of rescue dogs.

The book Rescue Dog Rehoming Remedies. It brings together contributions from 11 top-class dog trainers, all with the aim of helping rescue dogs across the UK.

Karen, 57, originally from Shrewsbury, but now living in Froncysyllte, has been helping families and their pets for 20 years as part of BTPDS. This week she saw the book appear for sale on Amazon for the first time.

Practical Advice for Training Rescue Dogs

Karen said: “It’s just brilliant that such a group of trainers have managed to put this great book together. It’s full of actionable, practical, useful and inspiring rescue dog training stories and advice. We are hoping it is going to raise a lot of money for dog rescue charities across the UK.

“Getting a rescue dog is sometimes one of the most emotional decisions a person, couple or family can make. I really appreciate that there are owners out there that want to give dogs that have had a really bad start a great new life.

The inspiration for the book comes from Dominic Hodgson, a dog trainer and pet business mentor. Dominic cycled the country rising money for local rescues last year. Karen was coordinator for the North Wales and North Shropshire section of the tour and helped raise approximately £1,000 for three local charities; Ark Angels (Chester), Almost Home Dog Rescue (Mold) and Hector’s Greyhound Rescue.

Karen continued, “Now we are hoping to raise even more money for these wonderful, hard working organisations. Our local rescues often get forgotten beside the UK’s larger well backed charities, but now it’s time to put the spotlight on the local heroes!”

Awesome and Rawsome advert

So Proud

Mum-of-two Karen has a team of nine instructors and runs weekly classes for puppies and older dogs. Karen also specialises in reactive dogs.

A former consultant in the transport industry, Karen was inspired to retrain as a pet professional when her own dog Gem showed signs of aggression. She now has three dogs, German Shepherds Jasmine and Evie and Shetland Sheepdog Benjamin.

She finished by saying, “I am so proud to be a contributing author and to be able to shine the light for rescue dogs and for Wales.”

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