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Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam

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Menter Iaith Welsh Castle

Menter Iaith Fflint a Wrecsam promotes and facilitates the Welsh language in Flintshire and Wrexham. We work with communities across both counties and hold a wide range of Welsh and bilingual social activities and events. These are for children and people of all ages and include gigs, quiz nights and keep-fit sessions.

The Menter also organises the annual St David’s Day parade in Wrexham town centre. Due to the current Covid-19 situation in Wales, we are unable to run our usual social events. However, we continue to conduct bilingual activities online.

You can see updates on our work and events either via our website (menterfflintwrecsam.cymru) or follow us on our social media. You can follow us on Facebook (@menteriaithffaw), Twitter (@fflintawrecsam) and Instagram and we also have a YouTube channel.

The North East Webmarket

The Virtual Fair, hosted by Menter Iaith Conwy, Sir Ddinbych, and Fflint a Wrecsam is back, but with a new look. This is following the success of the North Eastern Produce Fair on Facebook back in July,

The Fair has now got a new name: The North East Webmarket. This time it’s all about food and drink.

As local restrictions continue in these uncertain times, it’s still as important as ever to buy locally and support local produce and small businesses. Despite the change in the name, the ethos hasn’t changed. The main aim of the Facebook page is still to give local craftspeople and producers a platform on which to promote their products.

The webmarket will be held on the Facebook page on Saturday, 31st October between 10am and 2pm. A variety of businesses from across the North East of Wales will be taking part.

To see the latest developments and which local businesses will be taking part, ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Facebook page. For more information about the Webmarket, email anna@menterfflintwrecsam.cymru.

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Photo by Peyton Wells on Unsplash

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