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Christmas and Cymraeg: A Perfect Combination

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Christmas and Cymraeg

May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”

Christmas And Cymraeg: It’s Christmas! What a great time of the year to impress everyone round the dinner table with some fancy Welsh words for the festive season. You could even use them to make a Christmas quiz for your family and friends!

Here is the list of our Welsh words for Christmas.

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EnglishWelshEnglish pronunciation
Merry ChristmasNadolig LlawenNah-doll-lig Llah-when1
Father ChristmasSion cornShaun Corr-n
Hot chocolateSiocled poethShock-led poyth
SnowmanDyn eiraDean Ay3-rah
Mince pieMins peiMince pay
Christmas puddingPwdin NadoligPoo-dean Nah-doll-lig
ReindeerCarw/Ceirw (plural)Ca-roo/Kay-roo
Christmas shoppingSiopa NadoligShop-ah Nah-doll-lig
Carol singingCanu carolauCan-ee Car-oll-eye
Happy New YearBlwyddyn Newydd DdaBlue-thin4 Neh-with Tha4

1 ‘ll’: place tongue behind the teeth and blow
2 ‘ch’ as in ‘loch’
3 ‘ay as in ‘say’
4 ‘th’ as in ‘that’

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