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Your Trusted Friend’s Fifth Anniversary

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Cathy Boardman - Your Trusted Friend

Your Trusted Friend’s Fifth Anniversary: Your Trusted Friend has been providing solutions to the challenge of individual home support to the elderly since its inception by founder Cathy Boardman five years ago.

Award-Winning Assistance

Cathy formed YTF after the illness of a close personal friend who required “help with the little things and to get out of the house“. It has since developed into a thriving and award-winning assistance company supporting elderly individuals in three Welsh counties.

They offer services that range from going to the doctors, essential companionship, visits to friends and family or even help walking the dog. Consequently, each client receives a flexible and individually tailored plan.

The established team of Trusted Friends have previous experience as nurses, business owners, legal professionals and ‘friends’. As an illustration, this flexibility gives them various options to provide exactly what each person needs.

  • Your Trusted Friend works alongside social services, the British Red Cross, Age Connects Wales and North East Wales Carers Information Service (NEWCIS).
  • They are the recipient of two awards from UnLtd for providing “solutions that change our society for the better”.
  • The team has provided essential support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Passion for Helping People

If you have a passion for helping people, they want to hear from you. To those who require a little bit of assistance or support, they would very much like to help. Their bespoke service is available to any adult.

Please call 01978 227 999, visit our website www.yourtrustedfriend.co.uk or email cathy@yourtrustedfriend.co.uk.

Your Trusted Friend advert

A Little Bit More About Your Trusted Friend

Your Trusted Friend works towards you keeping control, independence and dignity. They also value the creation of friendships. The team believes that everyone, no matter their circumstances, age or individual needs, deserves help and support. To this end, they endeavour to alleviate isolation and loneliness. No-one should be left to feel alone.

The older generation should have the right to all this. They should be able to remain within their own homes, should that be their wish and desire. The bespoke service Your Trusted Friend provides combines the belief and passion they have as Trusted Friends. This is their ethos.

You may have a parent, family member, friend or neighbour that needs a Trusted Friend, someone to trust and provide friendship. They give you the peace of mind that the person you care about is receiving the appropriate support.

Covid-19 Information

The number one rule at Your Trusted Friend is always to have fun! However, during this challenging time, they focus on members’ safety. They support their employees and the local communities in which they operate.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, they have striven to avoid any further disruptions, while at the same time, they have taken extra precautions to act responsibly in line with government guidelines.

Their team is always fully equipped with face masks, ensuring they sanitise before leaving their vehicles and home. They continue to be extremely diligent and closely monitor whether any employees show new symptoms related to Covid-19.

They always communicate with their team regularly, following government guidelines and implementing any new updates.

YTF Have Won an Award!

They are unstoppable. They are UnLtd. UnLtd support YTF to reach more people in the community and make that little difference to peoples’ lives.

Thank you – find out more at www.unltd.org.uk.

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