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Easter at Xplore!: Stuffed Full of Science

Easter at Xplore

The Easter Holidays at Xplore! are going to be stuffed full of science!

Our brand-new science show, Freaky Food, starts on 2nd April. Come and investigate how we eat and digest our food, the strange properties of sugar and much much more.

As well as our science show, Xplore! is stuffed full of over 85 science exhibits that range from our giant scarf wall that can fling things into the air to our reaction timer. It’s a chance to create experiences for the whole family. We are open all week during the school holidays with our exhibition being open from 9:30am to 4:30pm and our science show running throughout the day. 

Easter at Xplore!: Stuffed Full of Science

Our Shop

As well as our exhibition, we have our well-stocked science shop chock full of new and exciting science to take home with you. Xplore! Science shop caters to all scientific interests with items available for space fiends, dinosaur divas and engineering experts. In addition to the wide range of topics available, Xplore! has you covered with all budgets from pocket money items through to big projects.

We also have a range of branded merchandise you can use to show your support for Xplore! We also have Xplore!’s Cafe which has you covered on all your snack needs while at Xplore!

Easter at Xplore!: Stuffed Full of Science

Gift A Visit To Xplore!

Did you know that we offer experience gift vouchers? Why not gift a visit to a loved one? It’s the perfect gift for the family that just loves to get out and experience new things. You can find our vouchers online or from reception at Xplore!

Xplore! is the home of science this Easter!

Book today at xplorescience.co.uk. For more about local businesses, click here.

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