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Brush Up Your Makeup for the Party Season!

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Brush Up Your Makeup for the Party Season!

“Elevating your everyday look will help you embrace the party season.”

As the Christmas party season approaches, I see many people wanting to get a bit more experimental with their makeup and create a stunning “party look”. There are many different “on-trend” looks right now, but my advice as a makeup artist is always:

  1. Choose a look that makes the best of your features.
  2. Choose something that makes you feel confident and utterly gorgeous.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer subtle makeup or want to go all-out with glitter and jewels; elevating your everyday look will help you embrace the party season and will make you feel glam and like getting into the festive spirit.

Here are my top five trends to try this season:

Bold Lips

Matte finish and berry reds are in this season as well as the classic brights. The best thing about throwing on a red lip is you can pair it with natural makeup and still feel dressed up.

Metallic Sparkles

Copper, silver and gold are actually very wearable and can be applied subtly or as a statement. They flatter all tones and nothing says “party” quite like a bit of sparkle.

Jewel Brights

Emerald and sapphire are super fashionable at the moment and whether you choose to accent with a bold eyeliner or go full-out with a statement shadow, don’t be scared to use these beautiful colours over the season. Pair with a sheer lipstick or nude gloss.

Dewy Skin

A gorgeous, glowing, lit-from-within look for the skin is a fabulous confidence booster and works alongside these other looks. Try mixing a little liquid highlighter in with your foundation to get a flawless, radiant glow.

Classic Smokey Eye

This look never dates and suits most people. You can work with browns, greys or even mix it up with those metallics. Go as subtle or as bold as you wish.

Choose Your Look

Think about your usual look and what you feel comfortable with. You don’t want a party look that is overly bold and will make you feel self-conscious if you rarely wear makeup or just stick to a very natural look.

Prep Your Skin

Clean, hydrated skin will not only help makeup sit on your skin better, it will help it last longer too. Pick your best feature to accentuate; let nature do some of the work!

Practice Makes Perfect

Try a few different looks beforehand and practice over and over until you’re happy with one (channel that inner teenager!) and don’t attempt a winged eyeliner or first time lash application five minutes before you’re heading out of the door to the party!

Finally, a good makeup look should make you feel amazing so keep experimenting until you come across one that does just that! If you need help, get in touch as I can work with you one-to-one to create that perfect look.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

About the Author

Caroline Louise is a professional makeup artist and skincare expert working throughout North Wales, Shropshire and Cheshire. She specialises in bridal, occasion and prom makeup but also gives one-to-one makeup consultations and lessons. For more information, visit caroline-louise.co.uk, email caroline@caroline-louise.co.uk or call 07814 442 041.

Caroline Louise

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