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Meet Ruth Rees from Martin Rees Jeweller Pawnbroker

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Martin Rees - Feeding Lories At Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Read about Martin Rees’ long-standing business success and varied personal interests

Martin and I have been jewellers since the 1970s. Martin learned the trade working at Nigel Hughes’ shop in Chester and then we started out trading on antique markets at weekends. We also sold old postcards and stamps (I thought the stamps were really boring though!). Subsequently, we shared a shop on Town Hill, took over the whole shop a year or two later and finally made the move to Chester Street in 1985. We decided on Wrexham because it’s been our hometown since we were married back in 1976.

“Besides jewellery, our ruling passions have been travel and riding big rollercoasters in theme parks although Martin’s health issues have cramped our style on both recently. We managed to enjoy two months in Singapore earlier this year and we still spend time at Alton Towers, Thorpe Park and the other Merlin attractions, making good use of our annual passes.

“It’s been a privilege to serve the people of Wrexham all this time – they are so friendly and intensely loyal. So many of our customers have become friends and we have second and third generations coming in to buy, sell, or get repairs and valuations done. No two days in our shop are ever the same; we might end the day exhausted, exhilarated or sometimes stressed out – but never bored!

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