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Playing With Your Dog: Why Is It So Important?

Spaniel playing

Playing with your dog is important, and it’s a fun activity. It can be used as a reward, a learning experience or just as a reason to hang out with them! Not enough owners play with their dogs and most dogs are simply given lots of toys and left to learn to entertain themselves. Don’t let this happen to you and your dog!

How to play in a way your dog loves:

  • Let the dog latch onto the toy and keep the tension while moving the toy around in fluid
  • Do NOT use sharp or uncoordinated movements; you could hurt your dog’s mouth, neck or spine.
  • Do NOT shove the toy in your dog’s face – this will cause frustration!
  • Keep the toys low to the ground.
  • Keep play sessions short – always leave the dog wanting more! (around 15 seconds per session is enough).
Long rope dog toy

Toys are a bridge between dog and owner.
Craig Ogilvie (Master Dog Player and creator of the Interactive Play Method.)

The best types of toys for playing are really very simple:

  • Stuffed toy
  • Lotus ball with or without rope
  • Long rope toy (see photo)
  • Old tea towel

Remember – quality of play over quantity!

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