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Managing Your Dog’s Diet and Getting It Right

Canine nutrition

More and more dog owners are starting to realise that ordinary canned, pouch or dry food is simply not the best choice for their pet. They may be cheaper, but higher-quality alternatives can save you money in the long term by improving your dog’s diet, health, behaviour and longevity. Here we look at some different aspects of dog food you may not be aware of.

Canine nutrition – why is it important?

Feeding your dog the right food can help with their behaviour, weight and health.

Which food is good?

Kibble - Dog’s Diet

There are three types of food you can use: wet, dry kibble or raw.

When looking for kibble that is good quality, look for one that is 80% meat and 20% botanicals. Most dog foods available contain a lot of carbohydrates so make sure you read the labels. Carbohydrates are converted into sugar which in turn can lead to weight gain or hyperactivity so try to buy a dog food with no added carbohydrates or one that contains ‘good’ carbs like sweet potato.

Raw feeding – is it that scary?

Raw chicken wings

Many of us at Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Services feed our dogs on a species-appropriate raw diet. These diets are an 80/10/10 diet: 80% muscle meat, 10% bone and 10% organs which should be at least 5% liver. Most dogs thrive on raw as it’s what their ancestors would have eaten so their stomachs are perfectly adapted to eating it! All they need to start off from eating kibble or wet food is the stomach flora to digest it.

Good quality food can improve your dog’s behaviour

Canine nutrition - Dog’s Diet

Owners often see a positive change in their dogs when they are fed high-quality food. Owners with excitable dogs tell us how much calmer their dogs are when fed on our products.

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Brands we recommend
  • Eden Holistic Dog Food – available from us
  • Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food – available from us
  • Natures Menu Raw Dog Food – available from us
  • Millies Wolfheart (80/20 Selections)
  • Orijen
  • Canagan
  • Truline

Also check out allaboutdogfood.co.uk

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