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Events at Minera and Alyn Waters and News of a Shop Opening in Town – Groundwork North Wales

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Firstly, by attending our autumn events at Minera and Alyn Waters, you are supporting the charitable and social objectives. We help communities across North Wales with social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being projects.

Minera Lead Mines will host a Spooky Torch Trail on October 30th and Venue in the Park at Alyn Waters Country Park. It has a range of activities, including; a rag wreath workshop, tabletop sale, Christmas craft and gift fair and also a Christmas wreath-making workshop. Details of the events can be found on their website at groundworknorthwales.org.uk or on their Facebook page, facebook.com/gwknorthwales.

Refurb shop - Events at Minera and Alyn Waters
Groundwork North Wales logo - Events at Minera and Alyn Waters

You may also have noticed a new addition to the town centre on Henblas Street called Refurbs. Groundwork North Wales have supported them in the opening of this new shop. The focus of the store will be to offer new and reconditioned small electricals, audio/visual equipment and also white goods that are all at truly affordable prices.

About Groundwork

Groundwork North Wales support many people facing; a vast variety of challenges, who are living in isolation, have significant health issues, limited employment prospects and who are vulnerable to the economic and environmental uncertainty of today’s society. They do this by getting involved with multiple tasks to; help create better places, improve people’s prospects and promote greener choices through the diverse range of projects and services.

From their website Groundwork said; “We continue to grow our training offer and this year saw the development of our Pathways range of courses for those furthest from the job market. These courses provided individuals with a suite of entry-level qualifications for sectors such as retail, hospitality, health and social care, childcare and also construction. Many participants have gone on to employment, into education or are volunteering. They have all reported improved self-esteem and confidence as a result of their achievements”.

Finally, thank you for reading ‘Events at Minera and Alyn Waters‘. If you would like to see more work from Groundwork North Wales, click here.

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