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Stay Safe Shopping Online

by Love Wrexham Magazine

December 2nd or Cyber Monday is the day for deals and making the purchases you’ve avoided all year. When you are accessing Cyber Monday offers, cyber-thieves can take advantage of you. Here are some ideas to stay safe shopping online:

1. Use credit, not debit cards

Most people use a debit card to avoid interest charges and additional debt, but using a credit card is safer. If a thief steals your debit card details, you are vulnerable as they have direct access to your bank account; your credit card is not directly linked to your account, however, so anyone making a fraudulent credit card transaction steals the bank’s money, not yours.

2. Be careful with emails

You click on a deal in your inbox, but did you check the website link first? Most people shop on sites they trust, but if you use a new site or click on a link in an email, you may end up on a ‘phishing’ site. Look out for the padlock in your browser window and https:// before the web address. Beware if these are missing.

3. Look out for fake vouchers

These can be clever scams. If the vouchers point you to a survey or a website asking for personal information or to download an app, you may be dealing with a phishing scam that will steal your data. Don’t be fooled.

Instead of seeking vouchers online and across social media, go to your trusted shopping sites, opt into their email offers and shop in person to support Wrexham town centre and your local small businesses and independent retailers wherever possible.

Article kindly provided by Security Foundry

Security Foundry is a Wales Technology Awards and Wales Start-up Award finalist based right here in Wrexham. They work with businesses to help them reduce their cyber-security risks.

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