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A Guide to Data Protection Post-Brexit

by Love Wrexham Magazine
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Will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) still apply to your business after 31st January, 2020? In a word, yes!

We worked with many organisations to train and prepare for GDPR before it became enforceable back in May 2018. We continue to work with businesses today across North Wales to help them stay compliant.

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Keeping Your Data Secure

One of the duties directors and owners of businesses have is to make sure the data they hold on their customers, suppliers and staff is kept safe and secure. In a world of legacy on-premise based systems and new cloud platforms. Managing your data and knowing where it resides is getting harder to manage than ever before. And smaller local businesses with fewer in-house skills are struggling more than most.

Did you know that the Information Commissioner’s Office (the regulator overseeing GDPR enforcement) estimates that 91% of all businesses would fail a simple subject access request (SAR) within the required time frame?

Trusted and Managed Security

To help you stay compliant and protect your greatest asset – your business data. We work alongside other technology providers based here in Wales to offer your business trusted and managed security. This service means you can focus on what you do best. Providing outstanding customer services and support for your customers and allowing a trusted partner such as Security Foundry to manage your data and IT risks for you.

We offer a range of products, services and levels of engagements to suit your needs, size and budget so get in touch today for your free-of-charge initial consultation and let us help you keep your business secure and compliant in 2020.

Article kindly provided by Security Foundry

Security Foundry is a Wales Technology Awards and Wales Start-up Award finalist based right here in Wrexham. They work with businesses to help them reduce their cyber-security risks.

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