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Winter Tips to Keep Your Frozen Boiler Going

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Boiler Tips For Winter

Did you know that a frozen boiler condensate pipe is the most common boiler problem in winter? Luckily, it’s easy to get your boiler working again without spending a penny.

Modern boilers feature energy-saving technology that captures heat in the flue gases and recycles it back into the boiler. A by-product of this process is condensation. An external condensate pipe is plastic, usually emerges near the bottom of the boiler and connects to a drain. If your boiler has stopped working during a cold spell or is making an unusual sound, it may have a frozen condensate pipe. Try the following before you call an engineer:

  1. Locate your boiler condensate pipe
  2. If there is ice blocking the pipe, use hot water to melt it. Once this is melted, you can reset your boiler.
  3. Check if the pipe sounds hollow. If not, it could be frozen. Pour hot water over the frozen sections until you see water exit the pipe, then reset your boiler.
  4. If hot water doesn’t work, use a hot water bottle to heat the pipe for longer.

Important safety advice

Don’t use boiling water – it is dangerous and may damage the pipe. Use a container easy to carry and pour.
Do not cut or remove the boiler condensate pipe – by law, only a Gas Safe engineer is legally authorised to perform physical work on the pipe.

How to stop the pipe freezing

To prevent the condensate pipe from freezing, we recommend insulating it with high quality, waterproof cladding. It is easy and will cost next to nothing.

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If you have tried the above and your boiler is still not working, call D. R. Plumbing & Heating on 01978 291 923 or 01352 620 125 to speak to a Worcester Bosch accredited heating engineer today or visit their website here.

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