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Business Wales: Information, Advice, Guidance #Covid19

by Adam Howarth, Editor
The World Is Temporarily Closed

Business Wales send us emails which are chock-full of useful information and interesting tips. In this one, they provide details about business support during the coronavirus outbreak, online training and support for companies affected by the pandemic, a pay-it-forward scheme and story about how a Welsh businesswoman set up a business to help others during Covid-19.

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Coronavirus update

Coronavirus: latest information and business support

The latest on the business support available, from the Economic Resilience Fund, business rate relief, business grants, support for the self-employed, access to finance to the support available for employees.

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Flexible Skills Programme

Covid-19: Flexible skills programme training for businesses

The Flexible Skills Programme provides a financial contribution to upskill your employees through online training. This includes employees who have been furloughed, as a result of COVID-19.

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Online support for businesses

Online support available to Welsh businesses affected by Covid-19

We’ve launched a new series of digital courses and daily webinars, aimed at Welsh SMEs affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Pay it forward

Covid-19: Pay-it-forward campaign

Small businesses can set-up a Pay it Forward campaign to pre-sell their services and diversify trading now to ensure continuous cash flow.

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Food banks

Food banks and food-distribution charities

Are you a food business with surplus food? Diverting your surplus food to frontline charities is much easier than you think.

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Personal Protection Equipment

Provision of critical equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE)

If you are able to offer any other support which is not directly related to medical equipment or PPE, our regional teams would like to hear from you.

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Stitching 4 Superheroes

Welsh entrepreneur sets up “Stitching 4 Superheroes”

Nicola Ridd-Davies is in the process of growing her business, but postponed the plans in order to dedicate more time to help the NHS.

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