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Confirmation Of £150m Coronavirus Grants

by Adam Howarth, Editor
£150m Wales Coronavirus Grants

£150m Wales Coronavirus Grants. There has been confirmation of an extra £150 million in Coronavirus Grants available to support businesses in Wales.

Further to the post we published on 4th March 2021 about “Welsh Government £150m Coronavirus Grants”, we have received the following revised information:

First Minister Mark Drakeford announced on 12th March 2021 that an additional £150 million is available to support businesses in Wales. This grant will last until the end of March. It is specifically for companies dealing with the economic consequences of the extended restrictions controlling the spread of Covid-19.

The additional support will operate as a top-up to the NDR Restrictions Business Fund Grant. It will help businesses in the hospitality, tourism, leisure and non-essential retail sectors. Furthermore, only those businesses liable for non-domestic rates (as of 1st March 2021 and in occupation of the premises at the time qualify. The grant will be available regardless of the number of employees the business has.

Restrictions Non-Domestic Rate Grant

Eligible business with a rateable value under £12,000 will receive an additional £4,000 grant payment. Companies with a rateable value of between £12,001 and £500,000 will receive an additional £5,000 grant.

Businesses in Wrexham who have already received a previous Restrictions Non-Domestic Rate Grant of £3,000, £5,000 or multiples thereof do not need to apply for the top-up scheme detailed above. This is because companies will receive the money automatically. They will commence on 22nd March 2021.

The Wrexham County Borough Councils Business Rates team is again managing this Non-Domestic Rate scheme for Wrexham businesses. They are looking to make all payments by 15th April 2021.  The council is asking businesses not to contact the department to chase up the top-up grant payment. This is because they are prioritising their workload to ensure payments are made as soon as possible. Consequently, they are unable to reply to individual update requests.

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Business Rates Reference Number

If, after checking your bank account, you have not received the top-up payment by 15th April 2021, but believe you qualify, please email businessrates@wrexham.go.uk. Please be ready to you quote your business rates reference number.

If your circumstances have changed and you can no longer claim the new Business Rates Grant, you must inform businessrates@wrexham.gov.uk immediately. This change in circumstance could be because you have vacated your business premises or have no intention of reopening the business once restrictions are eased.

If your business has not received the previous Restrictions Grant, you can apply for the new scheme (detailed above) via the link below. Please note that all previous Business Rates Relief schemes have now ended and payments cannot be made retrospectively for any of these schemes. 

Please make sure you read the guidance and eligibility criteria before applying.

Restrictions Discretionary Grant (Phase Two)

Applications for the second phase of the Restrictions Discretionary Grant have now closed for applications in Wrexham. The Welsh Government has not announced any additional discretionary grants at the moment. However they are continuing to consider the case for further funding from April onwards. Further information will be available if there is an additional discretionary grant available.

There is an eligibility tracker and calculator on the Business Wales website that businesses in the HTL sectors can access. This tool can determine what support you can receive and understand what you need in order to apply.

We hope you found “Confirmation Of £150m Coronavirus Grants” useful. To read more of our Covid-19-related stories, please click here.

Photo by Guido Hofmann on Unsplash

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