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Online Local Business Hub Started In Wrexham

by Love Wrexham Magazine

Data House Wales have launched a website for local businesses in Wrexham. This is to help them trade through the Covid-19 lockdown period. There are already 20 businesses.

Firstly, the online local business hub looks to help people from the region of North Wales see which retailers are active and can be contacted to provide a service. For example, providing a food delivery to their door. This can be anything from food producers to shops or fast-food retailers, for example. It is also a chance for the community to use local outlets and not big branded names. This is a fantastic opportunity to help people who are isolating and need to get food or other necessities to their homes.

Aled Canter, the founder of Data House Wales, says: “We hope the hub can supply local goods to the people of North Wales and help through the pandemic. We are always looking for more businesses to join and get them listed on the website. It is currently free for anyone to use from a local consumer to business owner.

“We would also like to thank Business Wales and Nick Palmer for helping us get this off the ground. The future plan is to help out the local high streets in Wales. This is done by listing them on the website and allowing people to see who is open in the local area and potentially use them by booking a service. For example, booking a haircut or ordering and then picking up a coffee!”

Finally, for anyone interested in getting their local business advertised or even to be listed in the region where they trade, email datahousewales@gmail.com to find out more.

Website: https://www.datahousewales.com/
Twitter: Data House Wales
Mobile: 07961 750 974

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