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Training Tips for Your Dog

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With the easing of lockdown and the ability to drive as far as we like to walk our dogs, it is the right time of year to be getting out and about. However, walks are not quite as much fun as they could be if we aren’t confident about letting our dogs run free. Having to keep your dog on a lead for the entirety of a long walk can be tiring. Below are some training tips for your dog.

Recall training
Recall training

Letting your dog off the lead does put a huge responsibility on the owner to be able to bring it back under control whenever there is need to. You need to be aware of people in the vicinity, other dogs, livestock or nearing roads.

If you have an older dog, you may want to top up their recall command before you venture out. Don’t expect your dog to act the same as pre-lockdown if you haven’t been doing much training over the last few months.

If you have a young dog or your dog’s recall is not so good, now is the time to get the training in place. Use the following tip sheet to help your pet learn reliable recall:

Dog recall tips checklist

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