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Wrexham Fostering Service Appeal

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Wrexham Fostering Service Appeal

This is an appeal on behalf of the Wrexham Fostering Service. Could you help make a difference to children and young people in Wrexham? If you have ever considered fostering a child or young person, Wrexham Fostering Service would like to hear from you.

Wrexham Fostering Service Appeal

They are looking for potential foster carers who are committed to children and young people of all ages. It is important to keep children in their local area to ensure continuity with friends and schools. Help them to keep local children safe in Wrexham by proving a loving and secure home.

Patient and Compassionate People

See how you could help a child from Wrexham stay in their local community, maintain relationships to provide stability in their lives, encourage positive new experiences and so much more.

Wrexham Local Authority (WLA) wants to recruit foster carers for Wrexham’s most vulnerable children. They are looking for patient and compassionate people who can provide a secure, loving home for Wrexham’s children and young people. WLA currently have 123 foster carers, but they need more. They need foster-carers who can offer a loving home to sibling groups.

Wrexham Fostering Service Appeal

You could help! By becoming a foster carer, you will allow children to remain in their local areas and schools. They can stay close to their friends and support systems and you will be providing a stable, secure home for children to thrive.

There are many different types of foster care you could offer depending on your circumstances. This care would include emergency or respite care and short breaks.

Contact Details

If you would like to discuss how to become a foster carer for Wrexham council, please call Alex, the Fostering Recruitment Officer, on 01978 295 316. To find out more online about fostering, please visit the WLA website for more details.

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