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Trouble Brewing As Lager Collection Ends in Traffic Chaos

Wrexham Lager Stopped Traffic

Wrexham Lager Stopped Traffic by our roving reporter, Sarah-Jane Ellis

It was no barrel of laughs as the collection of 18,000 bottles of Wrexham Lager caused mayhem on our town centre streets last month.

The regret was evident in the voice of Joss Roberts, Wrexham Lager Sales and Operations Manager, as he apologised for the incident. The delivery of Wrexham Lager and Bootlegger Pilsner was ready to make its debut journey to Poznań, Poland, when disaster struck.

Bootlegger Brand

Joss introduced the Bootlegger brand to the world. He explained how the Polish delivery driver bemused staff as he initially reversed his articulated lorry correctly into the yard. However, he then seemed to doubt himself and left the yard to come back in the wrong way.

After loading the trailer with the order, the driver inevitably became stuck while backing out. He consequently brought the traffic on St George’s Crescent to a standstill. The situation was exasperated as the driver didn’t speak much English. He then even managed to go down a couple of streets the wrong way!

Joss was incredibly apologetic on behalf of Wrexham Lager for the 15-minute gridlock. However, he was sure that the more articulated lorries they fill, the more they’ll be able to avoid this issue. We’ll let them off the hook as the business is good for Wrexham Lager and the county’s economy as a whole.

More Orders and Growth

This mammoth order was terrific news for the brand and, as Joss explained, Wrexham Lager’s hopes for more orders and growth. He also wanted to point out that “Wrexham Lager hope not to cause any traffic chaos in the future. However, he hopes that the Polish and European orders keep coming in!”

The business from United Distributions Holdings in Poland suggests another tremendous year for the brewer. Wrexham Lager impressed the distributor with their success in 2020 after winning gold for the best export lager out of nearly 3,000 beers, wines, and spirits at the Frankfurt International Trophy. All this during a time when the rest of the brewing industry was struggling.

With these kinds of success stories, it’s no surprise that the brand is receiving such interest from other European countries such as France, and Switzerland, even after Brexit and Covid have held the brand up after their success in 2020.

Steeped in History

Spare a final thought for the lorry driver, and we hope the 18,000 bottles are now safely in Poznań, ready for delivery to shops, restaurants, and cafés all over Poland.

Creating your favourite tonic since 1882, Wrexham Lager is steeped in history and prestige. Claiming to be the first international export to reach far-off destinations like India, South Africa, and Australia is just one part of their strong heritage.  

The 20th century, however, saw a decline in popularity, with operations ceasing in 2002. Interestingly, a deal initiated at a local pub between Martin Jones MP and the Roberts family has revived the brand.

Why not visit their shop next to the brewery? The Bootlegger 1974 Pilsner Presentation Pack is just one of their most popular items.

Remember to drink responsibly, as “with great lager comes great responsibility”.

We hope you enjoyed reading about how Wrexham Lager stopped the traffic. For more articles on local businesses, click here.

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