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Vanarama Revealed as the Face Behind “Wrexham” Sign

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Vanarama Behind Wrexham Sign

Vanarama Behind Wrexham Sign

The rumour mill has finally come to an end. After a week of wild conjecture that gripped the whole town, Vanarama, sponsors of the National League which Wrexham AFC currently play in, have announced they are behind the Hollywood-style “Wrexham” sign on the southern-facing slope at the top of Bersham Bank.

Cheeky Prank

Speculation had initially suggested that it was a cheeky prank by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. A post from Reynolds on Twitter quashed that rumour, however. He tweeted: “I wish I’d thought of that. But if I were to really dig into it, I wish I wasn’t someone who wished they’d thought of that.”

Wrexham County Borough Council and Wrexham AFC had not announced any involvement in constructing the sign. As a result, the mystery had rumbled on until the announcement on Friday, 20th August.

There was little concrete information about how the sign had got there. The road up to the hill is only accessible by unlocking a metal gate. The quality of the structure (see photos) suggested that a vehicle, and permission, would’ve been necessary to transport the letters and their supports.

View of immediately behind the sign

Vanarama CEO Andy Alderson said: “I can confirm that we are behind the Wrexham sign. The wholly positive support that the landmark has received has been overwhelming. We had always designed the stunt to shine a light on the National League and breathe a new lease of life into our eighth season as title sponsor.

Global Interest

“Football has been through numerous ups and downs since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The very existence of many lower-league clubs is in danger. Consequently, we wanted the league teams to have their moment in the limelight and drive new interest in the competition.

“We have listened to thousands of calls for the sign to remain a permanent fixture. We will be having active conversations with authorities on whether it can stay put.

View of the sign from a bridge over the A483

“Along with Wrexham and their high-profile owners, we wish all the teams the best of luck this season.”

The sign now has illumination at night. There is also security onsite for the first time to protect the already famous landmark.

The sign is undoubtedly creating huge interest worldwide, with the BBC, AOL, MashableIndia and inewsly.com (USA) all covering the story with reports of the event attracting attention as far afield as Australia.

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Thanks to Barry Hayes for the marvellous photos.

Vanarama Behind Wrexham Sign

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