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Natural Burial Ground in Cheshire Opening

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Monument Meadow Burial Ground

The Monument Meadow Natural Burial Ground in Farndon, Cheshire has opened. The five-acre natural burial ground is set amid a wildflower meadow. The site also offers an oak-framed pavilion to provide shelter. It has charming views across rolling countryside and the Clwydian Range.


Barnston Estate will be the first estate in Cheshire to open its own natural burial ground.

Monument Meadow Natural Burial Ground will replace the burial ground at St Chad’s in Farndon village and will also be available to residents of surrounding villages. Specialist landscape architects, The Land Studio in Chester have designed the area. Significantly, they have kept the environment as natural as possible with a wildflower meadow and ornamental trees.

The timber-framed pavilion, circular layout and views stretching across the Clywdian Range combine to make it a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. It will also provide a safe haven for birds and wildlife enabling wildflowers and trees to thrive.

The site also features a Grade II* listed monument – a sandstone obelisk flanked by four stone lions – commemorating Roger Barnston. Barnston was a military officer who died in 1857 of wounds sustained at the Siege of Lucknow in India.

Variety of Options

Landowner Barnston Estate created Monument Meadow to replace the burial ground at St Chad’s in the village. The natural burial ground is also available for residents of surrounding villages and beyond and welcomes people of all faiths. A variety of sustainable funeral options are available. These options include natural burials and scattering of ashes. They can cater for religious and secular ceremonies.

A natural burial is where an unembalmed body is laid to rest in a biodegradable coffin or shroud in a carefully hand-dug grave. Natural burial enables people to choose a funeral that is unique, in tune with nature and gentle on the environment.

Site Manager David Atkinson said: “Instead of using gravestones, we have planted an abundance of local species of trees, bulbs and wildflowers to create a tranquil area and a living memorial landscape. Monument Meadow Natural Burial Ground is a natural sanctuary specifically designed to honour our deceased and to provide an attractive place for visitors to pay their respects.

Site Manager David Atkinson

No Rules, Format or Duration

“A funeral at Monument Meadow follows no rules, format or set length of time. Each one is explicitly individual to the wishes of the family or the deceased and we can guide people every step of the way.”

Monument Meadow is a member of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds.

Find out more on their website.

Monument Meadow Natural Burial Ground is on Chester Road, Farndon, Cheshire CH3 6QP.

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