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Ghosts, Poltergeists and Supernatural Phenomena

Ghosts, Poltergeists and Supernatural Phenomena

By our regular book reviewer John Morris

Readers will be well aware of stories of ghosts, poltergeists and supernatural phenomena during their lives. Many people scoff at these stories of bumps in the night, but in Deliverance, an intriguing, free-flowing and at times mind-boggling and stirring book, Dr Jason Bray, the vicar at St Giles Church in Wrexham, engages and enthrals the reader with stories of his experiences as a “deliverance minister”.

No Holds Barred

Jason’s stories about his experiences with hauntings, ghosts, demonic possessions, and all things supernatural are challenging and thought-provoking. He takes the reader on a no-holds-barred journey into a world that some may describe as fantasy, imagination, spine chilling, or by others as just reality!

How do you cope with feelings of panic, disorientation, cold sweat, goose pimples or even worse? When walking my springer spaniel through the woods in Erddig in the early morning or late evening in the dusk. I sometimes hear a noise and wonder if that rustling noise was the wind, an animal or… something else and then quicken my pace!

Jason Bray - Deliverance

Captivating and Engaging

Jason’s excellent style and interpersonal skills are well known to anyone who attends his church or has been present. He captivates and engages audiences at events such as funerals or weddings.

The opening chapter shows his ability to connect with readers as he recalls his experiences as a young curate moving with his wife and young son to their new home, an old, dark, cold and draughty council house.

He was confronted by the vision of a male wearing a wooden mask late one night. As he comments, he was terrified, rooted to the spot, and unable to breathe. This very unpleasant experience led Jason on a journey to find out as much as he could about possible causes. Since then, he has become a “deliverance minister” in addition to his work as an Anglican vicar.

Casting Out of Demons

With due reverence to the seriousness of his work, Jason clearly relates his work to his Christian faith based on the ministry of Jesus and the casting out of demons. He gives details of the bag he carries, including vessels and containers for holy communion, and a bottle of water. Some salt is added to the water as it is splashed around for purification.

His fluid writing reflects his style when engaging his congregations, whatever their background, behaviour, or beliefs. As he comments, “ I rarely encounter people who are hostile to the Church, because they would probably avoid me”.

Poltergeist Activity

He deals with two main categories within the paranormal: people and houses. He also deals with poltergeist activity. This phenomenon can come about when people seek his support after seeing something “like a shadow” moving around.

His skill at discussing the supernatural as something outside normal interspersed with reflections on his upbringing in the Merthyr Valley, including links to socially significant historical events in Dowlais or Aberfan.

Beliefs in ghosts, spirits and superstitions have always been in existence. For instance, some groups and individuals, such as Romany gipsies, the Petulengro in Blackpool, have made palm reading, fortune telling, tarot reading and clairvoyance a skill and a business.

Jason Bray

Lucky Charms

Many people may well believe in the paranormal or haunted houses, for example.

Evidence shows that many people find it difficult to shake off superstitions such as carrying lucky charms, taking off the left shoe before the right or being last out of the changing room.

This book is an excellent insight into the world of supernatural experiences and the author’s work in supporting individuals and families facing the unknown, experiencing distress or panic situations. It is well worth reading for enjoyment and reassurance.

Diolch yn fawr, Jason

I am sure that many readers of Love Wrexham can relate to possible personal superstitions or those of family, friends or neighbours. If you have some superstitions that you think others might enjoy reading about, send details to Adam at info@love-wrexham.com.

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