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Bryn Tirion and Wrexham Sounds Making Sweet Music!

Wrexham Sounds and Bryn Tirion Making Sweet Music!

Newly launched Wrexham Sounds hosted a group of learners from Bryn Tirion Hall School, which supports vulnerable teenagers with special needs at its site in Bersham.

Transforming Lives

Led by Dave Roberts, the group focused on; empathetic listening, understanding strengths, traits they would like to improve and how critical decisions can shape our lives and actions. Moreover, the Rhosrobin music studio has more sessions planned for 2022, they aim to transform the lives of disadvantaged children across North Wales.

“The pilot programme was a big success, and kept the group engaged throughout,” said Dave from Welshpool. “There were musical elements to it, we created a piece that everyone played a part in. We also had some fascinating discussions about improving communication and understanding ourselves. We talked about why we create goals and how to achieve them. I love what Wrexham Sounds are doing, the team is bringing something fresh and new that will significantly impact young people in this region and beyond. It’s fantastic to see something different driven by music, and I’m excited to participate.”

Wrexham Sound

Positive and Beneficial

Sarah Gaffney, Career and Work- Related Education Manager at Bryn Tirion, agreed: “We support youngsters from some of the hardest-to-reach areas, so the skills and ideas discussed were positive and beneficial.”

We also look forward to returning to and working with Wrexham Sounds again.”

A Bright Future

Wrexham Sounds Directors Chris Lloyd, Dave Gray and Caroline Richards, and General Manager Olivia Gallagher have been developing partnerships and reconnecting with stakeholders and community groups. They have also renovated the studios and facilities, including state-of-theart equipment and technology.

Besides children referred via a range of local agencies and educators, there will be sessions for pupils unable to access music lessons at school, plus related activities for toddlers and infants. Olivia believes foundations are in place for a bright future and even greater progress in 2022; “Making a difference is our primary focus, and these personal skills sessions will do that,” she added. “The group from Bryn Tirion were fantastic and fully engaged with the programme content. They were happy to interact and explore new ideas. As we expand and welcome more people to the studios in the New Year, we hope to reach even more people, providing opportunities that might not otherwise be available.”

The personal skills course will be available to all schools in the Wrexham area from Spring 2022. Email contact@wrexhamsounds.org or call 01978 345 245.

Wrexham Sounds and Bryn Tirion Making Sweet Music!

For more information, visit wrexhamsounds.org and follow them on social media @wrexhamsounds. Wrexham Sounds is a not-for-profit social enterprise that transforms young lives through music.

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