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Preworn: An Aladdin’s Cave of Secondhand Clothing!


Preworn Ltd, based in Wrexham and Llangollen, is the UK’s largest sustainable fashion brand!

500,000 Items!

Firstly, did you know we had the biggest and best seller of secondhand clothing right on our doorstep? After recently reaching the milestone of 500,000 items in stock, this ambitious company is leading the way for sustainable fashion in the UK.

With more than double the inventory of their competitors. Preworn Ltd can claim to be the biggest supplier of quality secondhand clothing by far!

Preworn van

Sustainable and Affordable

The business was set up in 2017 to offer customers sustainable and affordable alternatives to the damaging effects of fast fashion.

This industry is responsible for over 10% of the world’s entire carbon footprint. Approximately 12 million tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill each year. 85% of this is in perfect condition and could also be reworn and reloved.

That’s where Preworn come in with their mission to clean up the fashion industry. Through shopping with Preworn, you can reduce the environmental impact of each garment by giving it a new home and a fresh future.

Preworn building

Unique Pricing

Another unique element to this Welsh business is their pricing. The ever-growing popularity of secondhand fashion has seen prices soar at other retailers, but not at Preworn! Everything on their website is priced between £2 and £10. So, they stay true to the values of their thrifty customers by keeping prices affordable.

It’s not only quantity that they excel in, but quality too! All the clothing sold at Preworn goes through two quality control inspections to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Rapid Expansion

The company took on its first employee in 2018 and have since expanded to a workforce of 70. Through tireless hard work and the dedication of their employees, they have upgraded their operations several times to adapt to the rapid expansion of the business.

They now have 85,000ft2 of warehousing across two sites for their stock. The business also has ambitious plans to expand. With over 5,000 items on their website daily, they’ll soon be expanding into other local premises.

The future really is bright for Preworn Ltd and the circular fashion revolution they are leading.

Preworn staff

Finally, thank you for reading ”Preworn: An Aladdin’s Cave of Secondhand Clothing!. For more information about local businesses, click here. Alternatively, to find out more about Preworn, click here.

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