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National Take Your Dog To Work Day

National Take Your Dog To Work Day

June 24th is National Take Your Dog To Work day, and dog owners are encouraged to take their dogs with them to their workplace.

It really is a super idea as many scientific studies have concluded that the presence of a dog at work creates a much calmer working environment. Indeed, interacting positively with a dog can substantially reduce stress levels.

However, employers don’t always think of the real benefits, and there are very few businesses that have a policy of allowing employees’ dogs into the workplace.

If you want to persuade your boss to change their mind, even if just for the 24th.

National Take Your Dog To Work Day

Top Tips on Making It a Success.

  • Double-check your dog would actually like to go to work with you. Be honest. It’s not for every dog.
  • Check your pet insurance company’s terms and conditions. There shouldn’t be a problem, but maybe just make sure.
  • Check no one at work is allergic to dogs or has any canine phobia.
  • Remember that if you take your dog, they don’t need to become the office clown or the centre of attention. They may just want to curl up on his bed at your feet under your desk.
  • If you take your dog out to drive around with you, they will need to be secured with a harness or in a crate/cage.
  • Preferably keep your dog on a lead, attached to you or a secure fastening near you, mainly if it is a new experience. It will keep them out of trouble while you ease them into being there. Even if they are comfortable being loose, it would still be best to watch them.
  • TELL EVERYONE your dog is on the premises. If they aren’t made aware, someone might leave a door open or leave their lunch out! Lol!
  • Think about where you will take him for a walk when needed and where is the right place for any wees/poos. You don’t want to upset the boss and other workers, particularly if they aren’t doggy people.
  • Take a water bowl, poo bags, disinfectant spray, wipes and plenty of enrichment items, such as chews, bones, LickiMats and kongs.
  • Finally, keep checking to see if your dog finds the situation stressful. It might be too hot, too busy or too noisy. Not settling, lip licking, tucked tail, panting, and ears pinned back are all signs your dog is feeling stressed.

In a suitable workplace, it’s a win-win situation. The dog will be happier being with you and not being left alone at home. Dogs are such social animals and love nothing more than hanging out with their human pack.

Why not give it a try on June 24th?


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