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Jenny’s Journey of Hope

by Adam Howarth, Editor

Jenny’s Journey of Hope is the Newtown author Lisa Bridges’ new book.

About The Book

In early 21st-century Zimbabwe, Jenny has the perfect childhood: long days at her grandparents’ farm, pets she treasures, and a family she can rely on. She enjoys school life and spends her free time barefoot and swimming under the African sun. But when political unrest throws Zimbabwe’s economy into turmoil and her family’s safety is at risk, they have to leave everything behind and relocate to the frozen Welsh mountains of the UK. Can she and her sister cope with the culture change? Will they be accepted in their new home?

Size: 205 x 140
ISBN: 9781 8007 48361
Cat: Fiction/Teenage
Price: £8.99
Extent: 196
Format: Paperback
Rights: Olympia Publishers
Territory: World
Imprint: Olympia Publishers

About The Author

Lisa Bridges is a devoted mum to three adventurous young adults and one red fox Cocker Spaniel. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa, and made the difficult move across continents to live in Wales in the United Kingdom. She feels deep empathy for anyone who has faced a transition of this kind. Lisa’s passion lies in teaching; she spends her day planning lessons and marking books. She loves to tell stories of Africa to the children in her class. Lisa can be found hiking the mountains or walking Wales with her faithful companion.

Lisa Bridges

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The fantastic feature image is by Gustav Schwiering on Unsplash.

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