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Happy 80th Birthday, David Salathiel!

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Coedpoeth Walking Football Club

Coedpoeth Walking Football Club pay special tribute to their most distinguished member.

A much-loved resident from Caego has reached a particular milestone in his life. On 24 January 2023, he attained the grand age of 80.

Three 60-Minute Sessions a Week

Why is this a milestone when adopting a healthier lifestyle is commonplace these days and people enjoy longer lives?

The reason is that David Salathiel has not only reached and celebrated his 80th birthday, but he celebrated it in style through his continuing involvement in the growing game of walking football. He often plays three 60-minute sessions a week alongside teammates some 20 years and more his junior.

David, a retired postal worker, completed over 40 years of continuous service with the then Post Office through its transition to the Royal Mail. He consistently kept his mind and body fit, enjoying walking, cycling and playing football. David played for several local teams, including the RAFA Club – The Royal Airforce Families Association. Indeed one of his two sons was a professional footballer with Wrexham AFC and Crewe Alexandra.

As you would expect, David would be termed a “war baby”, having been born in January 1943. As you would also expect, like so many young men at that time, he joined the Army to serve his Country.

David with the club lifetime Hon. President, Arthur Evans - Coedpoeth Walking Football Club
David with the club lifetime Hon. President, Arthur Evans

A Medical Discharge

However, due to medical reasons, his service did not last too long before he was medically discharged. However, this experience gave him a valuable life lesson: to treat others with respect and courtesy, help when needed, and live the one life we are granted to its fullest extent.

David is a very well-known and popular resident throughout Wrexham. He is never short of an opinion, especially regarding football matters, as his current teammates will attest to! He continues to play with Coedpoeth Walking Football Club and has been involved with the club since its inception in 2016.

Having played football all his life, he has lost none of his skills, although they may be slightly slower these days. However, as the saying goes, “when you have it, you never lose it!”

David is a pillar of the Wrexham community, and long may that continue, as may his sense of humour.

Banter and Camaraderie

Not only has his involvement with walking football maintained his physical health, but it has also maintained his mental well-being. If he were writing this himself, he would actively encourage anyone to contact their local club, give it a try, kick a ball around for an hour and enjoy the good-natured banter and camaraderie that develop.

He is an inspiration, a local icon, and a valuable member of the Coedpoeth Walking Football Club family.

Coedpoeth Walking Football Club and all associated with it wish David a very happy birthday year and heartfelt congratulations on his own very special milestone.

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