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3Rs: Confident Canine Companionship

3Rs: Confident Canine Companionship

Want a confident canine? Beastly Thoughts Professional Dog Services specialise in assisting owners with reactive dogs. Particularly those displaying aggression towards other dogs when on-lead.

Reinforcing Behaviour

This problematic behaviour often stems from dogs’ attempts to solve what they see as dangerous situations, but unfortunately using inappropriate actions. By using this successful but unwelcome kind of behaviour, a dog reinforces this in its mind, leading to repeated occurrences.

Owners despair as lunging, barking, spinning and lying down become the norm on daily walks. At this point, it is time to call in a canine expert!

Our Reactive to Reassured Rehabilitation (3Rs) sessions are at the core of Beastly Thoughts’ ethos, tailored to address specific reactivity issues. We rely on proven learning techniques, including Grisha Stewart’s Behavioural Adjustment Training (BAT).

Your Dog’s Well-Being

This worldwide training method gently works through any dog’s reactivity issues. Most importantly, we shun aversion or forceful methods, ensuring your dog’s well-being is always put first.

I am the head instructor and can count on two decades of dog reading and owner assistance. My expertise is demonstrated by my 2019/20 Animal Star Awards Trainer/Behaviourist of the Year recognition and registration with the Animal Behaviour Training Council (ABTC).

Assisting me is a skilled group of instructors trained under my tutelage. Our approach centres around reprogramming dogs to opt out of confrontations, turning them into poised, self-assured companions.

The 3Rs use relatable stories and accessible language to simplify comprehension for our owners. Shedding light on dogs’ emotions to aid effective problem-solving. We steer clear of complex jargon and focus on clarity and ease of understanding.

Complete Transformation

The 3Rs looks at reactivity triggers, hormone impact, healthy relationships, breed specific rewards, nutrition, canine enrichment, socialisation, and also appropriate walking equipment. It addresses psychological and practical facets, ensuring a complete transformation.

Perhaps most importantly, we train owners and dogs in the real world, and maybe almost uniquely, we use our own team of instructors and their dogs as actors or stooge dogs.

In summary, our 3Rs service will solve problems with a reactive dog. With seasoned professionals, a proven protocol, and positive reinforcement, we are happy to guide you and your dog towards confident companionship.

Testimonial yesterday from Nikki and Alfie the Cockapoo: “Karen and Demi (BTPDS 3Rs Instructor) – I don’t know where we’d be without you two. Alfie has turned into such a fabulous, loving dog. He is so good out and about now, and his separation anxiety is gone.”

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