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Dee River

Cefn and Llangollen Rural Community Councillor Dave Metcalfe has described how the United Nations weather agency has sounded a “red alert” about global warming, citing record increases last year in greenhouse gases, land and water temperatures, and glacier and sea ice melting.

He says, “Here in our community, we experienced a long, hot summer last year and will most likely see the same this year after a very mild winter, just gone. The B5605 still remains closed after Storm Christoph, now three years ago, when the highest-ever levels for the river Dee were recorded.

“The climate crisis is affecting the world, including our community, and this is a fundamental reason for setting up the Ebenezer with our own Citizen Science Lead Climate Crisis Mitigation Centre. We ask WCBC and our local councils once again to work with us and help us achieve the world’s first such centre for our community, the Pontcysyllte World Heritage Site, Wrexham County, The Nation of Wales, and mankind in general.

B5605 Closed

The Plas Kynaston Canal Group has always explored and promoted practical steps to help reduce our carbon footprint and address as many environmental issues as possible in our community while looking after our people and the future of our children and grandchildren.

“We will be asking the UN and Welsh Government (take note, Ken) to get in touch with us as we have already with other organisations such as The Circular Economy Foundation and The Guardian Newspaper.”

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