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Cruise Myths Debunked: Why Your Next Holiday Should Be A Cruise

by Love Wrexham Magazine
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by Wrexham-based travel consultant Paulina Twarog

Cruise Holiday Myths Debunked

Cruises are becoming people’s number one holiday choice. They have something to suit everyone: from visiting multiple destinations to keeping you entertained every minute of the day. We’ve picked out some of the common myths about cruises to show you what life on board is really like:

Cruises are expensive

We often mistake cruises for being dear, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cruise prices are all-inclusive or full-board and you often get your flight included in the package. Once on the boat, you spend little to no money and you’re sometimes given credit to spend on board depending on the cruise line.

You can choose from several restaurants, some of which have award-winning menus and world-class chefs. Evening entertainment is abundant and on larger lines, such as Royal Caribbean or Disney Cruise Line, you can see shows of West-End calibre, all included in the price!

You’ll have access to all the facilities you would expect at a resort. Along with pools, spas and fitness centres, you’ll have shops, casinos, restaurants, bars, cinemas and nightclubs. You won’t be short of things to do and you won’t waste any of your holidays on travel days because your holiday starts the minute you step on the ship.

Cruises are boring

The worst part about going on holiday is the time it takes to travel to a destination, our pre-holiday dreams of a cold glass of Pinot Grigio and duty-free often turn into a nightmare of queuing at security and racing to the gate only to wait on the runway for an hour! On a cruise ship, you get the VIP treatment straight away: you are escorted to your cabin or suite to settle in and are then free to head to the bar for a drink before you’ve even left the harbour!

Keeping yourself entertained is straightforward as there’s plenty for you to do onboard. Every minute you’re away will be time for you to relax and enjoy yourself, making seeing the world effortless and allowing you to maximise your quality time.
Cruises allow you to completely disconnect from the outside world. While you’ll still have access to WiFi and other amenities, being on a cruise is like living in your own little city at sea, where you can spend time alone or meet and socialise with other cruisers.

There’s not enough time in port

Cruise ship calm sea

Although some ships only stay in some locations for the day, there are many ships that stop in ports overnight giving you more time to explore the destination. You often arrive early in the morning giving you maximum exploration time with the chance to arrange trips on land before you reach the destination.

You may think something like island hopping in South East Asia is only for backpackers, but not any longer. One of the biggest advantages of cruises is that you can visit multiple destinations during your trip allowing you to see more of the world and to explore destinations you never would have considered before.

Cruising is for old people

Cruises are certainly relaxing, but they’re not just for the retired. Onboard, there is something for everyone so whether you’re travelling as a family, a couple or even alone, you’ll feel right at home.

From fancy-dress parties for little ones to club nights and theatre shows for the adults, you can choose from a variety of entertainment and activities. The number of options means you can tailor your cruise experience to the holiday you want. You can party one night, have a romantic dinner the next, sunbathe by the pool or try out a dance class. You can experience a million different holidays in one when you cruise.

Cruise ship with clouds

Most cruise lines are family-friendly, but just like resorts, you can opt for an adult-only version. Cruise lines such as Virgin Voyages are stamping out the myth that cruises are for the older generation with the construction of state-of-the-art ships with nightlife, food and entertainment that you just can’t get on land.

Think you’re ready to give a cruise a go? Check out some of our top offers or speak to Paulina for a tailor-made holiday today.

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Cruise Holiday Myths Debunked

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