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Twelve Doggy Reminders

twelve doggy days - Christmas dog

Below is a useful list of twelve doggy reminders on how to protect your four-legged friends from the perils of the festive season.

  1. Inappropriate food – beware! Make yourself dog-food savvy.
  2. Visiting family members may leave doors open that should be shut.
  3. Christmas cracker items are small and easy to swallow. It could be fatal for your dog to eat them.
  4. Visiting family members may not listen to warning growls and barking.
  5. Visiting family members may, if unchecked, throw all your training out of the window!
  6. Don’t walk your dog while drunk!
  7. Put dogs away if having a family gathering as they are unused to this and could be scared easily.
  8. Take the pressure off your dog and don’t leave them alone with children.
  9. Don’t dress up your dog if it is likely to make them distressed.
  10. Rawhide chews – don’t feed them to your dogs!
  11. Medication for elderly or sick family members – keep an eye on handbags and ensure they are out of reach. Dogs love to snoop!
  12. Children’s toys – get them out of the way!
Twelve Doggy Days of Christmas

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