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New Year, New You, but still the same old online habits?

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Changing passwords

Why not break your online habits and take a cyber-security health check? Here are four tips to help you stay cyber-healthy.

1. Change your passwords

When did you last change your Facebook or Gmail passwords? Social networks have been breached repeatedly over the last few years so make sure you don’t leave your passwords unchanged for years at a time. Change them regularly and make sure it is at least 13 characters and uses letters, numbers and symbols. Use Yubikeys for even better security.

2. Stop over-sharing on social and when in public

You wouldn’t tell strangers you are going on holiday, but many people love to show where they are by posting geo-location data inviting criminals into their lives and home. Beware of sharing personally identifiable information and using open-guest Wi-Fi: if it warns you your data isn’t secure or is visible to others, don’t use it.

3. Update and stay up to date

Don’t cancel or ignore software updates – they often fix holes that leave your data open to attack. These ‘feature updates’ are essential which is why you should download ‘Microsoft Essentials’ – it’s free so use it.

4. Back up your data

Once malware deletes data, it is tough to recover and clean up. By backing up, you have something good to recover should the worse happen. Unfortunately, when you have any red screens asking for bitcoins, it’s just too late. Our advice is never to pay any ransomware no matter what. You are dealing with criminals and there’s no guarantee you will ever get your data back and, worse still, your details could be sold on ‘Sucker Lists’.

If you want to find out more on what we do for businesses in Wrexham and North Wales, get in touch and arrange for a consultation. We can help you secure your greatest asset – your data.

Article kindly provided by Security Foundry

Security Foundry is a Wales Technology Awards and Wales Start-up Award finalist based right here in Wrexham. They work with businesses to help them reduce their cyber-security risks.

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