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Tŷ Pawb Arts at Home

by Love Wrexham Magazine

As Tŷ Pawb’s galleries are temporarily closed. However, they are delivering an alternative programme “Tŷ Pawb Arts at Home”. They will be making aspects of their exhibition programme available online and will be working with artists to create projects for you to take part in at home.

Firstly, Tŷ Pawb are looking forward to showcasing your creative outputs as part of an open exhibition at Tŷ Pawb later this year. Here we feature three of the interesting things they have featured on their website.


The first of the features is something for you to make yourselves so give it a ‘whirl’! Yes, they’re showing you how to make your very paper windmills and pencil toppers. They’re super-easy to make with things that are easily found at home.

Rhi Moxon

Rhi Moxon - Tŷ Pawb Arts at Home

Tŷ Pawb are also delighted to introduce local artist Rhi Moxon as one of the six artists to be selected for their Arts At Home Creative Assignments project! The other five artists will be announced over the coming weeks.

Moreover, the artists will be developing Creative Assignments for audiences, young and old, to undertake while they are self-isolating/social distancing at home. These assignments will be something meaningful that make people feel connected to others and part of a community, be that their street, their town or the wider world!

Rhi’s Creative Assignment is titled “Positivity Press”. Participants are shown how to make DIY publications using practical print and book-design techniques.

Ms Moxon is from Bangor-On-Dee, but has been living in China. She is an illustrator, printmaker and visual artist. Inspired by the mountains, valleys, and seaside of her homeland and the wonderful sights she comes across in her travels, she makes illustrations inspired by place, people and tradition. The mysterious and rewarding South China culture, folk art, rice terraces and mountains provide her with a constant source of inspiration.

She is an avid collector of Eastern European children’s books, cookbooks and maps, and often uses colour found in these in her illustrations and drawings.


Moreover, to mark the final day of Kevin Hunt’s Wal Pawb commission, Tŷ Pawb released the basic recipe for his popular ‘Face-ade’ drink for everyone to make it themselves at home.

Kevin Hunt - Tŷ Pawb Arts at Home

Basic syrup-making instructions (makes approximately two litres – enough for 20 drinks):

  • Pick herbs to flavour your syrup (rosemary, mint or basil work particularly well)
  • Wash your herbs thoroughly
  • Bruise or tear a good handful of herbs to release their aroma and place into a three-litre jug
  • Add four-to-five cups of a caster sugar – plain or infused with spices (leave vanilla or cardamon pods in your sugar to infuse it)
  • Pour boiling water straight from the kettle into the jug until it reaches the two litres
  • Stir vigorously until the water runs clear and all the sugar has dissolved
  • Bash the herbs occasionally with a spoon to release their oils whilst the syrup steeps
  • Allow the syrup to cool fully; once cold, strain the mixture into a two-litre jug using a sieve
  • Transfer the syrup to a clean, empty bottle and seal

Your homemade syrup can be kept in the fridge for up to a fortnight.


Basic drink-serving instructions (to serve one cup of ‘face-ade’):

  • Half fill a tall cup or glass with ice
  • Add 50ml of your chosen syrup
  • Use 25ml of bottled citrus juice, or a good squeeze of fresh juice – (lemon, lime of grapefruit work particularly well depending on your chosen herb)
  • Add a sprig of herb to garnish
  • Top up with fizzy water and stir well
  • To make an alcoholic version simply add a measure of your favourite spirit – we recommend gin!
  • For an unusual twist, substitute the citrus juice for a splash of double cream!

Tŷ Pawb will capture positive stories and ideas from communities to spread positivity and hope and to encourage keeping in touch during these strange times. They’ll be posting instructional videos with all the info you need to take part very soon so stay tuned for more info!

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Finally, you can download all the Family Art Club Activities from their website.

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