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Daisy Roberts Smashes Our Easter Egg Challenge!

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Daisy Roberts

Daisy Roberts Easter Egg Challenge

We received the first submission for our new Kids’ Corner colouring-in page a few weeks ago. Young Love Wrexham reader Daisy Roberts, aged 8, submitted this beautiful Easter egg. Since she was the first person to submit a photo to us, we invited her into the hub to collect an unexpected prize as well as a Love Wrexham keyring.

Colouring-in page April 2022
Daisy’s beautiful Easter egg

The June issue of Love Wrexham is out just now and if you fancy taking part by colouring in the crown for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, please email us a photo of your efforts and you might win an exclusive Love Wrexham keyring as well.

Daisy Roberts Easter Egg Challenge
Daisy Roberts, aged 8

We’d love to see your creative flair!

There’s nothing to stop you from colouring in all the pictures we’ve published – please take a look at our online magazines where you can browse through all the back copies. The first Kids’ Corner feature appeared in our February 2022 magazine.

If you have any ideas about what other activities for children you would like to see included in the magazine, please let us know. We are always looking for new ideas to make our publication even better.

Some Colouring Tips

I’ve taken three tips from Patricia Pedroso’s brilliant colouring advice webpage. Go and visit the page for loads more!

Her first point is to use complementary tones to choose colours for the shades. Let’s say for example for skin tones – orange/yellow/red undertones – it works wonders to shade them with purples and blues.

Secondly, bear in mind that colours “change” when put next to other colours so the colour you choose will not look the same against every colour. It might appear really bright against your background and then really dull if you apply it against other tones. This can be really frustrating sometimes, but also good if you know how to use it.

Also, warm colours – red, orange and yellow – tend to stand out more than cool colours – green, blue and purple.

And thirdly, avoid using black and white. Black and white dull your work and also take away all the life in it.

When you add white to a tone all you do is take away its vibrancy, creating a washed-out tone. Instead, try finding out other ways to lighten the tone. For example, try to lighten up a red, mix it with a tiny bit of yellow, and just maybe, sometimes with a – really really small – touch of white.

Daisy Roberts Easter Egg Challenge

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