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Local Suppliers’ Directory/Returning To Work Post-Coronavirus Outbreak

by Love Wrexham Magazine
Hope St and Queen St junction - Local Suppliers' Directory

Firstly, in response to requests from local companies supplying and/or requiring PPE, social-distancing equipment and other support services to ensure they comply with government guidance when starting back at work, we are setting up a local suppliers’ directory on the Council website.

If you run a business based in Wrexham, please complete our online form. We reserve the right to exclude any listing which we deem inappropriate.

Moreover, please note – Wrexham County Borough Council are not endorsing any of the companies listed within this directory. We are merely providing a list of potential local contacts who can supply PPE and other services. Please undertake your own research and make judgements on the companies you choose to work with.  We will publicise the link to the directory as soon as it goes live later this week.

Information Commissioner’s Office Guidance On Workplace Coronavirus Testing

Data protection law does not prevent you from taking the necessary steps to keep your staff and the public safe and supported during the present public health emergency. Still, it does require you to be responsible with people’s personal data and ensure it is handled with care.

Finally, thank you for reading ‘Local Suppliers’ Directory/Returning To Work Post-Coronavirus Outbreak’. For more Covid-19 updates, click here.

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