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Teams4U Christmas Shoebox Appeal

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Teams4U Christmas Shoebox Appeal

“Now is the biggest need” This Christmas, please consider a shoebox appeal.

Every year, local charity Teams4U hold a Christmas Shoebox Appeal and send these boxes, packed full of love and hope to children in deprived communities overseas. Since their first appeal in 2013, T4U have given over 221,000 shoeboxes, spreading a bit of the magic and joy of the Christmas season.

In these challenging times, while the world is reeling from the effects of the pandemic, children everywhere are struggling without school, without friends, and some, even, without toys or something to do. For these children, in orphanages or living in the most marginalised communities, this pandemic has made the world an even bleaker and desperate place.

“Christmas is coming, whether we’re there for these children or not. But, I think, right now we need to be more present for them. Now is the biggest need.” Dima Nachyna, Belarus

How can you help?

As well as accepting shoeboxes into their main warehouse at Unit 8 Llay Industrial Estate, Aerial Road, Llay LL12 0TU and in Manna Bookshop, Charles Street, LL13 8BT, Teams4U recognise many may struggle to hit the shops this year so are offering to do the legwork for you.

T4U will make a box for you

For £15, Teams4U will fill a shoebox with practical items, such as stationery, toothpaste, winter woollens, and soap alongside fun gifts like soft toys, bubbles, yo-yos, toy vehicles, craft kits, musical instruments and puzzles. Visit their website www.teams4u.com or ring their office to learn more: 01978 310 110.


Teams4U is a local charity based in Llay that has been running a Shoebox Appeal sending Christmas gifts to children in the most deprived parts of Eastern Europe for the last seven years. For further details, please contact Ziz York Overseas Project Coordinator at Teams4U, mobile: 07858 394 061. Working hours: 10am-3pm, Monday-Thursday. Their website is www.teams4u.com.

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