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Marjorie Dykins Award Nominations

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Marjorie Dykins Award Nominations

Marjorie Dykins Award Nominations

One Week Left For 2020 Marjorie Dykins Award Nominations

One Week Left

There is just one week left to nominate an individual or group of volunteers for the Marjorie Dykins OBE Volunteer Memorial Awards 2020!

The closing date for receipt of nominations will be noon on the 20th November 2020. AVOW will announce the winners and present them with their awards at a virtual event in early December 2020.

Last year’s winners were the volunteers for Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Wrexham and Christopher Jones of Blood Bikes Wrexham (see main image). Moreover, they received numerous nominations from the community as a testament to their impact in the local area.

The Awards

The awards are in memorial to the life and work of Marjorie Dykins OBE. Marjorie founded the first playgroup in Wrexham in 1950. She was also a founder trustee of AVOW (Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham), Home-Start, Family Friends and a wide range of other organisations and groups.

Marjorie Dykins

Marjorie died in October 2015 and previously lived in Garden Village, Wrexham where she founded the playgroup.

In honour of her reputation and legacy in the local community, the awards intend to recognise the hard work and dedication of volunteers within our community.

Two awards are available:

  • one for an individual volunteer; and
  • one for a group of volunteers.


The winners of both categories will receive a cheque for £500.

The awards specifically recognise the work of volunteers or voluntary organisations. These bodies must be operating in or be based in Wrexham County Borough. Furthermore, these organisations must make a positive and significant difference to their local communities.

Nomination forms are available from the AVOW website at www.avow.org.

For further information, please contact Ken Rowlands, Liaison Officer by telephone on 01978 312 556 or at ken.rowlands@avow.org

Awards History

 In 2016, in memory of Marjorie Dykins founder Member and Secretary of AVOW, the Marjorie Dykins OBE Volunteer Awards Scheme was established following consultation with Marjorie’s family who generously donated £5,000 towards the scheme.

Marjorie’s commitment to voluntary action was an example for all in the voluntary sector and public service both locally and nationally.

Marjorie founded and was a trustee of a number of local organisations and nationally was formerly Chair of Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) and was active in setting up the Welsh Assembly Civil Service.

The Awards Scheme is designed to recognise:

  • the valuable contribution volunteers make, individually and collectively, to their communities in Wrexham County Borough; and also
  • the difficulties individuals overcome in volunteering.

The awards scheme is now in its fourth year and AVOW takes great pride in continuing to be associated with the Scheme which honours volunteers who give so much time and expertise for the benefit of the citizens of Wrexham County Borough without thought of reward.

The past six months has shown more than ever the value that volunteers bring to the lives of individuals and our communities. The way that people have stepped forward to volunteer during the Covid-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. Additionally, without the volunteers’ support, many people’s lives would have been intolerable during the last six months.

For more details, please visit www.avow.org or phone 01978 312 556.

More About AVOW

AVOW is part of Third Sector Support Wales (TSSW). This is the collective name given to the network of support organisations for the Third Sector in Wales. It comprises 19 County Voluntary Councils in Wales as well as Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA).

The shared goal is to enable the Third Sector and volunteers across Wales. They also contribute fully to individual and community well-being, not only now, but also in the future.

The focus of our collective work will concentrate mainly on four pillars of activity:

  • Volunteering
  • Good governance
  • Sustainable funding
  • Engagement and influencing
AVOW Vision

Generally, to support voluntary and community sectors achieve their missions for the benefit of the community within Wrexham County Borough.

AVOW Mission

To enable voluntary and community sectors achieve their missions within Wrexham County Borough, AVOW will:

  • Support the development of individuals and organisations within the voluntary and community sectors.
  • Establish and sustain good practice.
  • Undertake the provision of services appropriate to the voluntary and community sectors.
  • Consult, represent and champion the voluntary and community sectors locally and nationally.

In conclusion, AVOW was established in 1988 and is a registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

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