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Lowri Morgan: Beyond Limits

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Lowri Morgan

Lowri Morgan: Beyond Limits! Book review by John Morris

Lowri Morgan: Beyond Limits – Overview

Life after Covid-19 has prompted people of all ages to begin or develop regular physical pursuits such as walking, running, cycling and weight training. This change is a reaction to the closure of leisure centres, gyms and parks and the resulting isolation, boredom and emotional stress.

The regular exercise has enabled many individuals to break through the just “give-it-a-go” barrier. This breakthrough has, in turn, extended their levels of endurance, mobility and strength. Many others who might previously have been relatively sedentary have taken the opportunity to enjoy walking. Exercise in the home with TV and video coaches such as Joe Wicks has also increased.

Lowri Morgan: Beyond Limits – “Grab Life with Both Hands”

This change in circumstances has meant many people have increased their confidence levels. Additionally, they have developed the personal desire to go a bit further in pursuit of extended engagement, challenge and passion. All these changes have led to an improvement in individual best-performance levels.

For those keen to push these levels further, I would recommend a recent book Beyond Limits by Lowri Morgan (Gomer Press). This easy-to-read book is enthralling. It shows how Morgan overcame personal adversity to develop skills of endurance, strength, determination and resilience to push her achievements through the pain barrier.

Many readers may well relate to the experiences of the author as she discusses her family activity holidays and how her parents inspired her to “grab life with both hands”, take risks and see what she could achieve. In addition, she attributes her competitive streak to her early experience of competing at the Urdd Eisteddfod and winning the girls’ under 10 solo.

Overcoming Nerves

Many adults and young people reading this book will gain from Lowri’s recollections of bullying. In particular, the fear of rejection by “the pack” and her strategies to overcome nerves.

There is an illuminating section on how to transform a failure to deliver experience or “FTD” into a learning platform to generate increased determination to perform more effectively. Lowri also details how she overcame a significant injury incurred while playing rugby for Cardiff women to play eventually for Wales.

She describes her desire to overcome the injury and compete at the highest level as the “light bulb moment”. It was her route back to fitness, highlighting her impressive powers of self-drive and determination.

A vital feature of the book is the author’s temperament for addressing personal dilemmas. She discusses vividly the emotional conflict of thinking she had to lose weight and change her body shape to transform her negative thought processes. As she proudly emphasises, she is now at ease when she looks in the mirror “with the person who looks back at me”. Lowri’s analysis of her experiences is a real inspiration to readers of all ages who face negative thought issues or “battles with their inner voice”.

A 350-Mile Run!

Lowri’s extreme exploits show her outstanding commitment, tenacity, determination and personal grit to complete a vast range of challenges. Her reflections on her experiences are thought-provoking and inspirational. In particular, as an ultra runner training with the Royal Marine Commandos and participating in the 2011 6633 Arctic Ultra in Canada (350 miles!).

I found the author’s comments on critical issues such as “point of no return” and the “pain cave” really illuminating. These are areas in which you will discover some amazing things about yourself. I have never visited them in my training programmes so far!

Lowri Morgan has achieved recognition as an athlete who has pushed personal performance beyond limits competitively. She is also well-known for her outstanding television documentaries. Her passion for “never FTD” was never more evident than in her endeavours in the 2016 Pen Llyn Ultra, a 75-mile “endurance adventure”.

The Pain Cave

Lowri also excels as a television presenter of a range of sports in Welsh and English. She is able to empathise with competitors in team games and individual pursuits at the highest levels. All due to her extensive experience of facing the challenge of competition, improving personal performance and reaching the “pain cave”

A wide range of photographs illustrates the personal qualities, outstanding determination and tenacity of the author. She is proud of her family background and support. Her Welsh language upbringing and education, her husband Sion and son Gwilym are particular inspirations. Additionally, she mentions the opportunities made available by her parents to participate and not be afraid of “failure”.

This book is genuinely thought-provoking and inspirational and should be in every secondary school and college in Wales. It inspires youngsters and adults to participate and gain personal confidence to overcome adversity and the inner voice of negativity. Lowri Morgan and her co-writer Edward Butler have produced a tale of adventure and relevance. The book describes unique challenges, determination, tenacity and strategies to overcome adversity. These stories will push sportsmen and women at all levels to improve their performance barriers a little more.

Beyond Limits by Lowri Morgan is available to order from Waterstones (01978 357 444) and online at gomer.co.uk or amazon.co.uk.

John graduated from Aberystwyth University after completing a thesis on the relationship between aerobic and anaerobic power. He was fitness and weight-training instructor in Queens Park for 28 years. John was fitness coach for Wrexham Rugby Club Under 21s and an advisory coach with the WRU.

John specialises in improving personal performance levels, motivation, determination and resilience.

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