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Hugs for Heroes Wrexham

by Adam Howarth, Editor

Hugs for Heroes Wrexham (HFHW) started with an idea from Ruth Rees from Martin Rees Jewellers. She wanted to create a donations scheme for key workers, starting with our local hospital.


Ruth takes up the story “Last week, a pawnbroking customer phoned our shop to apologise for forgetting to renew her loan on time. She explained she was a nurse at the Maelor and had been under a lot of pressure at work. I told her it was absolutely fine and added a few words of praise for what they were doing. She broke down in tears! It made me realise just how on the edge these amazing people are and how just a bit of appreciation could make a load of difference. That’s my hope, anyway.”

Morale Boxes

More businesses and individuals soon became a part of the idea and it’s quickly starting to take shape. After a staff brainstorming session, the idea of the donation turned into “morale boxes” containing treats and needs (toiletries, sweets, hand cream). To make it truly special, talented local artist Emma Parrish has designed a beautiful and unique “Thank You” card to go in each box.

The group’s first objective is to give all 2,500 Maelor Hospital staff one of these gift boxes to lift their spirits. They are now at their busiest since the pandemic began, many working very long hours. They’re exhausted, scared, stressed and emotional. This fight is the hardest one they’ve ever fought.

HFHW believe every staff member, from cleaners to porters and nurses to brain surgeons, deserve a little token of appreciation. Every job is essential to the smooth running of the hospital.

A Light in the Darkness

Although it will never equate to what they are giving to the community, HFHW hope that it will be a light in the darkness for our NHS. They see what they’re doing and they’re behind them.

This task is monumental and far more significant than HFHW first anticipated, but they’re focused and determined to succeed. They can’t do it alone though! They need your help. If you can donate to this special cause, please do.

Click here for their GoFundMe® page. You can find them on Facebook by clicking on this link.

The businesses and people involved are:
Josh Green: JDG Creative
Jacqui Blore: Piccolos Music and The Story Teller; Piccolos Crafts
Julia Chaplin: Ellis Chaplin Limited
What A Sweet Shop (treat delivery)
Ruth and Martin Rees, Becca Martin, Lisa McGarret: Martin Rees Jeweller Pawnbroker
Emma Jones: Emma’s Miniature Gifts
Bobbi Cockcroft

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Cover photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

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