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Brymbo Male Voice Choir

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Brymbo Male Voice Choir

by Mike Taylor of Brymbo Male Voice Choir

Freedom at last, but what will you do with it? Once you’ve been back to the pub or a restaurant enough times, what then?

A Great Deal of Trepidation

My name is Mike Taylor and seven years ago on a cruise ship, I joined a singing group to pass some time.

Not being a good singer, I was surprised to find that it was really enjoyable. So much so that when I returned home and with a great deal of trepidation, I joined a Welsh Male Voice choir.

Now, my only regret is that I didn’t join 40 years ago. The experience has been excellent. I’ve made new friends, been on tour in Europe and sung at some emotional ceremonies.

Brymbo New Voices

Brymbo New Voices is the training set-up for the choir. It meets once weekly, usually Monday, in a town centre pub for about two hours.

You don’t need to have a good voice, speak Welsh, read music, have a voice test or an audition. It is free and there isn’t any commitment. If you are male, 16 years of age or over, why not come along?

For more information, contact me on 01978 357 671.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the Brymbo Male Voice Choir. For more community-related articles, please here. Find their website here.

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