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Chakras and Showing Your True Colours

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Chakras Your True Colours

Chakras, Your True Colours is by our regular well-being contributor, Emma Sims

I first heard about “chakras” described as “wheels of light”. This seemed airy-fairy and not tangible. However, as meditation furthered my personal development, I became more embodied and worked through mental and emotional blocks. I started to feel and notice “things going on”, such as a whirring, buzzing sensation at the base of my spine. It was much like the sensation of a phone vibrating. No longer could I dismiss the concept of these “vortices of energy”, and my intrigue grew.

Energy Centres

Image by NeoSiam

Nowadays, when I teach about them, I describe them as “energy centres”. I liken them to transformers that take in and give out energy and step it up or down according to what’s needed by the body, mind or spirit. So if, for instance, someone is worn out, they can use the colour red to “feed’ the energy of their base chakra to give them a boost.

Learning “how” is key to understanding this supplement to health and well-being. It also helps us to understand and work through the blocks and obstacles that we encounter in life.

There are seven major and many minor chakras, all spinning at different rates. The slowest is the base chakra, red in colour at the base of the spine: it’s our “foundation in life” within the physical world. We need good roots and grounding to survive the storms of life and stay stable. A well-functioning root chakra promotes security, enabling us to provide for our materials needs. It also connects us with the earth, keeping both feet on the ground, which is imperative if we wish to reach higher levels of consciousness!

Sacral Chakra

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Orange represents the sacral chakra just below the belly button. It defines our relationships with others, our emotions, desires, sexuality, reproduction and creativity. A good flow of energy here helps us to unite and overcome feelings of isolation.

The solar plexus (SP) is our self-relationship, personal power and finding our niche in the world. Linked to ambition and willpower and the digestive system, a well-balanced SP helps us feel more confident.

Green Heart Chakra

Image by Steve Johnson

Has your heart ever gone out to someone in need? A surge of energy that goes to another? The green heart chakra is the centre of balance and unconditional love of self and others. It is the centre of compassion and forgiveness for the world and humanity.

The blue throat chakra facilitates communication, skilful listening and correct diction. Here we learn to be our true self, whilst being honest with others.

Many have heard of the third eye. This purple chakra encourages inner-sight, facilitating intuition and our spiritual path, as well as our visions, goals and dreams.

Lastly, the crown chakra, where our consciousness expands, and enlightenment may grace us. This highly spiritual centre is depicted by halos in paintings, but is not reserved only for saints!

Want to know more? Energy therapists may help you understand and discover more about your journey through the chakras for improved wellness and life flow.

About the Author – Emma Sims

Emma Sims

Emma Sims is a complementary holistic therapist, intuitive practitioner and Reiki teacher with 20+ years’ experience in this field. She has a clinic at the Community Resource Centre in Gwersyllt.

Obtain further details from emmasims.co.uk.

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Main image by photo by Davies Design Studios on Unsplash.

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