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Nightingale House Trail Run

by Adam Howarth, Editor
Nightingale House Trail Run

New Eco-Friendly Trail Run

Maelor Food kindly sponsored The Nightingale 10K Evening Trail Run. The hospice held the run in aid of patient care and family support and they made sure it was as eco-friendly as possible. The Nightingale House fundraising team found new ways to improve the environmental impact. With wooden medals replacing the traditional metal ones.

Zero Waste Medals of Shropshire, the producers of the medals, said, “We are the world’s only zero-waste medal producer. They consist of only certified laser-cut and hand-finished Forestry Commission sustainable wood.

The zero-waste wooden medals

The organisers kept route signage to a minimum and used a paperless registration system. Participants were encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles. The hospice also reduced its carbon footprint by using local companies for event supplies wherever possible.

Sam Amis, Nightingale House Hospice’s Community and Events Fundraiser stated: “In 2021, it is more important than ever that we all do our bit to fight for a greener future. By ensuring our 10k run was as sustainable as possible, we made positive progress for the future generations that follow. Environmental awareness and sustainability are essential to everyone at our hospice.

Nightingale House Hospice Fundraiser Sam Amis

“It is also worth mentioning that we advised against car-sharing for anyone not in a household bubble.”

Sisters’ Acts of Kindness In Memory of Their Mum

“Sixty little acts of kindness across 60 days for her 60th birthday.”

Sisters Demi and Megan Lewis are carrying out a small act of kindness every day in the run-up to what should have been their mum Sue’s 60th birthday on 4th November by leaving gifts and treats for people in the locality.

So far, their generous acts of kindness have included donating items to a local food bank. They also aim to collect litter in the rain, leave flowers on a stranger’s doorstep, provide books for children and toys for dogs to play with (see main photo).

Demi and Megan said: “Right about now, we should be thinking about what presents we’ll get her, maybe what kind of cake she’ll like and how on earth we’ll sneak the balloons from the car into the house without her seeing. While we’ll never get to do any of those lovely little things for her again, we can redirect that energy and positivity elsewhere, in her name and memory.

“We’re hoping too that together we can raise some money to support Nightingale House, a charity that means a lot to our family and many other families too. People can donate by visiting our fundraising page, justgiving.com/fundraising/60forsues60.

Del Underwood, Nightingale House Hospice’s in Memory Giving Fundraiser, said: “This is such a lovely way to celebrate Sue’s life. As mums, we like to think our job is to teach our children well and think of others.

“Well done, Sue – you did your job well! And thank you, Demi and Megan, for supporting Nightingale House in this way.”

About Nightingale House Hospice

The hospice provides services for people living in NE Wales and border areas living with a life-limiting illness. They deliver when possible in the location of their choice and always within the resources available to Nightingale House Hospice.

They provide excellent, personal and compassionate care to those in our community and support their families and loved ones.

We hope you enjoyed our update on Nightingale House Trail Run and two other initiatives. Click here to read more charity-related articles.

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