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The Royston Club: “Just Four Lads Making Music”

The Royston Club

When asked, ‘ How can you introduce yourself to people who don’t know The Royston Club yet?’ Tom, Ben, Dave and Sam answered: “Just four lads making music, not taking themselves too seriously”.

A Pleasure To Interview

After meeting them in busy Shoreditch before the last leg of their UK tour show for the Soma 2021 Festival, I can confirm that the four lads are a real pleasure to interview. Through this interview, you’ll learn all about how they met, who they are, what to expect from their music and the creative process behind it.

The Royston Club are an indie band from “mighty Wrexham”. Their name might ring a bell to you Wrexhamites, quite apart from how popular they are. It comes from the club of the same name located in Acrefair.

Tom (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Ben (lead guitar and lead songwriter) and Dave (bass) were in secondary school together when they started playing. They then met Sam, their drummer, through a good friend of theirs and, together, they became The Royston Club.

The Royston Club
The Royston Club

Creative Process

Talking about the creative process behind their songwriting, they joked saying that if they had one, they would tell me about it. Writing down what comes to mind and taking it to the band to start creating might be the best answer.

Asking them about their biggest influences, big names like The Smiths and their guitarist Johnny Marr due to his impressive skills and Green Day came out. However, as music lovers, we agreed what a hard question it was to single anybody out as we are always out and about listening to different types of music.

A Typical Day?

What is a typical day for them back in Wrexham? If they’re not at practice together, they will probably be catching up on some sleep or cheering on Wales at football. I never thought I would get the opportunity to hear the Welsh national anthem sung by The Royston Club, but I did and I would qualify it as totally iconic. I might even share the audio of it with Love Wrexham readers… one day.

In addition to their busy schedule as The Royston Club, they are now also part-time food influencers/reviewers. They have their own Instagram food account, @theroystongrub, where they hilariously review “stupendous grub” while on tour.

As very professional food influencers, I had to ask them what their favourite place to eat was in Wrexham. Their answer? “Central Kebab” in the middle of Wrexham. I had to promise that I would try eating there the next time I was there.

What’s next for The Royston Club? They have played The Isle of Wight and sold out venues throughout the UK for their EP release. Now, they also have support shows planned throughout 2021 and 2022.

A word to describe The Royston Club music? Refreshing. Speaking of what not to miss out on, their new EP Lying Here, Wasting Away is out now. Like their 72,818 monthly listeners on Spotify, you don’t want to miss out on this talented band. It will only get bigger for them.

by our special correspondent Cassandre Balle Delaunay

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