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St Michael’s Church in Llanfynydd

St Michael’s Church Llanfyndd

The year 2023 marks the 180th anniversary of St Michael’s Church in Llanfynydd. David Atherton has decided to write an A4 illustrated booklet to help with the celebrations.

David takes up the story: “The church in the 19th. century had a turbulent time having gone through major repairs in 1868, a serious fire in 1892, and a mystery. Whilst living in Buckley, and attending Emmanuel church, Bistre, the Reverend Canon Martin Batchelor asked if I would update the history of the church to celebrate the 175th anniversary in 2017. This has resulted in a 56-page book.”

If you would like to read more, it is available from Llanfynydd post office, priced £5. All proceeds go to St Michael’s church.

David hopes that you enjoy reading this short history.

Llanfynydd Parish

Llanfynydd Parish incorporates the villages of Llanfynydd, Cymau and Ffrith. It has two Anglican Churches.

The Mother Church of St Michael and All Angels is in the village of Llanfynydd. The Mission Church of All Saints is in the village of Cymau. 

During lockdown, services are as follows:

Every Sunday via our Facebook page LIVE service at 9:30am

During normal times when services are in church, we follow this programme:

First Sunday – 9.30am Holy Communion at St Michael’s Church, Llanfynydd
Second Sunday – 10am at Cafe Church in Ffrith Community Centre
Third Sunday – 9.30am, morning worship at St Michael’s Church, Llanfynydd
Fourth Sunday – 9.30am. Holy Communion at All Saints Church, Cymau
Fifth Sunday – Please check the notice board

The St Michael’s Parish Church key is available for you to have a look around. This key is held at Llanfynydd Post Office during opening times.

If you would like further information about Llanfynydd Parish Churches, please contact Anne Williams – Worship leader (Tel: 07906 464 519).

We hope you enjoyed reading about St Michael’s Church Llanfyndd. For more local heritage stories, click here.

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