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Intuition: Gut Feelings, Internal Voices and Awakenings


Autumn time helps us let go of the old, demonstrated beautifully by the trees dropping their leaves. Urges to throw away our clutter harmonises with this, and you can use sage or mugwort herbs to clear away old energy.

As the veil thins, those who have passed may pop into our minds, and our intuition, this month’s topic, can heighten too.

Gut feelings

Many are familiar with gut feelings, a hunch, nagging doubts, inspiring thoughts or a feeling that something is right and “meant to be”. Inertia may indicate “it’s not the right time”. We don’t always get to the traffic lights when they are on green!

We may not trust our “sixth sense” and dismiss it as “fanciful imagination”, yet we find we were correct with hindsight! Signs and synchronicity can accompany intuition – it may not be a coincidence that you’re reading this now!  

Acting on our intuition strengthens it and helps build self-confidence trusting ourselves instead of asking others. It guides us towards better personal choices, which may also support health and recovery. Our intuition wouldn’t tell us to harm ourselves or another and may reach us when people are struggling. Suddenly thinking of someone and contacting them to see if they’re OK may be perfect timing.  


Sat Nav

My intuition is my sat-nav, helping me navigate life’s twists and turns. It makes my life easier: nudging me at the right to go out to get toilet rolls and flour when stocks are low! Sometimes an item grabs my attention, “buy me!” and I need it a few days later in a recipe.  

Intuition can come via our internal voice. “Lock the door”, it warned me, then local burglaries occurred. “Don’t get involved”, it may advise with certain people. “Go that way”, and it directs me to a wildlife encounter I wouldn’t otherwise have had.

When a friend was in an accident, I tuned in and asked, “are they OK?”. “They just need a hug,” said my intuition, and they did. It stopped me from overly worrying. We may also receive our intuition in pictures, feelings or knowing – even verbally by saying things we wouldn’t usually say


Often known as “awakenings”, stressful events and trauma can spontaneously open the intuition. Mental and emotional disturbances may occur as perceptual changes that mean we see life differently.

Wishful thinking, fear and pride may masquerade as “false” intuition, and we get things wrong. Working with someone experienced, developing self-awareness helps strengthen this sense which guides us through rocky times and back to balance. Peaceful practices that quieten the chattering mind, such as yoga, meditation, being out in nature and connecting with others “on the same wavelength,” help us better hear our intuitive self.

Over time, if we follow it, our intuition moves us to more authentic, peaceful ways of being. We can become healthier and more heartful with others. What is yours telling you today

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